body serve

I just finished shooting the videos for the “Strategic Serve Practice“, and as I was presenting the best possible serve strategies, I came to a conclusion: if one wants to begin the point right, they must consider practicing, improving, and using, the body serve.

The body serve is performed when the server aims directly at their opponent.

I do not mean that you shouldn’t go for the returner’s weak side (if they have one), but in case there is not a significant one, the body serve has many advantages:

– If hit with a decent pace, the body serve can jam the returner and the result can be a floating return in the middle of the court (which the server can attack).

– The body serve does not allow the returner to create angles (as opposed to a wide serve, which gives the opponent many options to play with).

– It forces the returner to hit the ball while moving away from it (blocking or pushing the ball) – most of the players practice hitting balls while moving to and not away from them.

– It’s also great for serve-and-volley players because the return is most of the time weak due to the before-mentioned reasons.

Cosmin Miholca

Cosmin Miholca

Certified Tennis Coach

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