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I’m a TENNIS PLAYER looking for new drills and tips to improve my game.

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– 7 tips for competitive singles players
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I’m a TENNIS COACH looking for new drills and lesson plans to teach my students.

– 10 tips to becoming a better tennis coach
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– how to teach your students to track the ball
– what are the proper balls and court size for children
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I’m a TENNIS PARENT who wants to help my child learn tennis.

– when should kids start playing tournaments
– how to prepare your child for their first tennis tournament
– how to handle the pressure of competition
– how to talk to your child during lessons and competitive matches
– plus, more coaching tips for parents.

I saw your video this morning and immediately went out to the courts to practice your suggested “back-drop”. What a fabulous difference I found in your method. I LOVED IT. For some strange reason, my serves were not only hitting my spots with more speed, but they were also slicing far better with fewer faults. How come? What can I say: Fabulous!! Thanks a bunch! Better yet, Moo-chos-grassy-yass! My best regards…

Larry Gross

Hi Cosmin, I took the time today to watch a couple of my daddy / my coach lessons. Amazing, really enjoyed them, and I see the children are a copy and paste visually of what the coach does. I am really learning. Thanks for making it!

Javier Alonso

Hey! I just found your site and videos through youtube last night. I work with junior development kids, but you have some GREAT teaching tools and methods for breaking the game down to its basics, and in a way that anyone can understand. I am looking at your videos all the time online and seriously, you have some amazing material!! Videos are not too technical, but they all have plenty of technical info for those coaches and players who need it. Love your approach to teaching the game! Just wanted to let you know I think your videos are wonderful and keep making them, they are awesome!!!

John Boettcher

I am a new member of your website. I actually had seen some of your videos through youtube, but did not realize that you had such a great website. I used your beginning serve progression with my kids yesterday and it worked very well. Keep up the good work!

Athena Cajas

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