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the webtennis24 team

Cosmin with his daughters, Bianca and Cezara, who you’ll see alongside him throughout WebTennis24 programs and courses

Hi there! I’m Cosmin Miholca, and let me tell you, tennis is my passion. I’ve been playing for over 30 years and coaching for more than 20 years in Southern California and Europe. That’s a lot of time spent on the court, seeing players of all ages develop their skills and love for the game.

Here at WebTennis24, I want to share that passion with you! Whether you’re a player looking to improve your game, a coach seeking new teaching methods, or a parent wanting to introduce your child to tennis, I’ve got resources to help you reach your goals.

Common Questions

  • What makes your online tennis platform different?

Well, I’ve poured all my coaching experience into this platform. That means everything I’ve learned from working with kids as young as 4 years old all the way up to seasoned adults (believe it or not, I’ve even coached an 81-year-old beginner!), plus my experience teaching and coaching my two daughters for 7 years, is packed into these programs.

  • How can my child get started with tennis?

If you’re a parent wondering how to get your child involved, we have some fantastic programs designed specifically to introduce them to the sport in a fun and engaging way. Programs like “My Daddy / My Coach” (which is kind of close to my heart, being a tennis parent myself) can give you the tools to be your child’s first tennis coach. And hey, if you’re not quite ready to jump in yourself, don’t worry, we have other resources to help you find the perfect coach for your child.

  • What if I’m a coach looking for new drills?

Been there, done that! As a coach myself, I know the struggle of keeping things fresh and engaging for your students. That’s why I’ve created a massive library of drills for all ages, skill levels, and class sizes. Whether you’re working with a tiny tot or a group of advanced adults, there are drills here to help you take their game to the next level.

  • What about me, the player? How can I improve my game?

Of course! We have programs designed specifically for players who want to learn proper technique, develop their tactical skills, and ultimately, win more matches. Maybe you’re looking for a structured program like “Ultimate Training for Tennis Players“, or perhaps you prefer a more visual approach with “Visual Tennis Lessons and Progression Drills“. No matter your learning style, we have something to help you become a better player.

So, are you ready to hit the court?

No matter who you are or what your tennis goals are, WebTennis24 has something to offer. Browse through our programs, check out the free resources, and let’s talk tennis!


How to Support Our Work

We’ve poured a lot of time and effort into this platform, knowing that many tennis players, coaches, and even parents will find an abundance of useful information to learn or teach this wonderful sport. We handle most of the work ourselves, with minimal outside assistance.

We film and edit the videos, write blog articles, manage the websites, fix technical issues, write emails, respond to customer questions, and post on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. All the content we create requires considerable effort.

If you’d like to show your appreciation, there are two ways:

  1. Purchase and enjoy our memberships and tennis programs. Visit the WebTennis24 Portal for more details.
  2. Leave a tip or donation. You can use PayPal or your credit card by clicking one of the buttons below.

We truly appreciate your support. It helps us dedicate more time and effort to producing valuable tennis programs and completing courses that can hopefully elevate your game to new levels.

Thank you,

Cosmin Miholca



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What people say about WebTennis24

“Thanks Cosmin! I have reviewed many tennis instruction websites and yours is the absolute best! Although I’ve played tennis for many years, I just became certified to teach and your service is exactly what I need. I’m sure I will be extending my membership. Thanks again!”
– Michael N. Lawrence

“I love your site, it is a cornucopia of information that sustains my tennis creativity!”
– Teresa King

“I want to commend you and your site, one of my opponents started subscribing to your instruction and became a much tougher opponent for me, when he tells me the changes he’s made because of your site, they all make tons of sense.”
– Perris Calderon

“I don’t believe there is a better place to seek tennis instruction than Having said that, I’m not known for empty compliments so, when I refer your website to my tennis friends, they know it is worth taking the time to check it out. Thank you so much.”
– Gillian Healy

“Your online videos are without doubt the best I’ve seen. And the way you teach, adults and children, is indeed remarkable. Thank you very much for such a great experience”
– Jim Chen

“Hi Cosmin, many thanks for the great information! Your approach to teaching kids is one of the best I have ever seen.”
– Jim Wagner

“Hi coach! I enjoy watching the videos every time!… What a wonderful father and coach! You are not just teaching us about tennis, also the patience and love! I work with young children all the time. You really showed us how to do the better job! May God Bless you and your family!”
– Linda Sun

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