Elevate your tennis skills with our video lessons, practice drills, and winning strategies designed for serious players

ultimate tennis serve course


  • 14 technique lessons (flat, slice, kick)
  • 7 serve strategy lessons
  • 19 tips and quick fixes
  • 14 serve practice drills
ultimate tennis forehand course


  • 19 technique lessons (topspin, slice, drop-shot, tweener)
  • 18 tips and quick fixes
  • 33 forehand practice drills
ultimate tennis backhand course


  • 17 technique lessons (one-handed, two-handed, slice)
  • 22 tips and quick fixes
  • 31 backhand practice drills
ultimate tennis volley course


  • 25 technique lessons (volley, drive volley, half-volley, overhead)
  • 15 tips and quick fixes
  • 10 net skills / practice drills
best ball machine tennis drills


  • 12 warmup drills
  • 25 skill-building drills
  • 8 competitive drills
  • 7 serve tennis drills
  • 40 footwork drills
visual tennis lessons and progression drills


  • 16 technique tennis lessons (step-by-step-visual progressions) / 58 videos
  • 53 basket tennis drills / bonus
tennis questions / tennis answers


  • 28 technique q & a
  • 19 tactics and strategies q & a
  • 16 mental strength q & a
  • 25 miscellaneous tennis q & a
singles tennis tactics


  • 3 comprehensive tactics lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players
  • 7 strategy lessons on how to play different types of opponents
  • 4 lessons on court coverage
doubles tennis tactics


  • 7 lessons on doubles tennis formations
  • 6 lessons on shot selection in doubles
  • 3 lessons on court coverage
  • 6 doubles tennis tips

Explore Sample Videos from Our Training Membership

How to Hit the Ball On the Rise
(Ultimate Tennis Forehand)

How to Volley the ‘Body Shot’
(Tennis Questions and Answers)

Forehand Groundstroke / Skill Building
(Best Ball Machine Tennis Drills)


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“I saw your videos this morning and immediately went out to the courts to practice your suggested “Back-Drop”. Holy Cow!! What a fabulous difference I found in your method. I LOVED it. For some strange reason my serves were not only hitting my spots with more speed, they were also slicing far better with fewer faults. How come? What can I say: Fabulous!! Thanks a bunch! Better yet, moo-chos-grassy-yass!”

Larry Gross

“As a high school tennis coach for a small rural school, I appreciate the high-quality information you offer through WebTennis24. Most of our players do not have access to a private coach or tennis club. Your videos provide a valuable resource. I have learned a lot for myself and have passed on the knowledge to my players.”

Eva Krauss

“Last night I looked at your QUICK FIXES section on the serve. Oh my!!!! What a great tip — about the knuckles. I haven’t gone to the court yet but will have a friendly match with some women tonight. I will practice a little before we start. Thank you!!!!!! As always, your videos are so helpful!”

Alma Reyes

“I want to commend you and your site, one of my opponents started subscribing to your instruction and became a much tougher opponent for me. When he tells me the changes he’s made because of your site, they all make tons of sense.”

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“I don’t believe there is a better place to seek tennis instruction than Having said that, I’m not known for empty compliments so, when I refer your website to my tennis friends, they know it is worth taking the time to check it out. Thank you so much.”

Gillian Healy

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