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Would you like to see…
How your coaching could transform the career of a player and skyrocket their progress?
Powerful lessons and drills that will guarantee you’ll be a more feared opponent on the court?
How tennis could become the absolute favorite activity of your kids?

If you said yes, welcome to WebTennis24!

Why Else Should You Choose WebTennis24?

As a Tennis Coach…

Introduce your kids to this wonderful sport.
Discover neat lesson plans to never run out of ideas.
Keep them engaged with highly effective drills.
Be a coach your players know they can trust.
Show them how tennis can be incredibly fun and exciting.
Educate them on every aspect of the game, and do it right.
Watch your children grow and mature on their journey.
Be their guardian angel as they compete for the first time.

webtennis24 training program

Get access to 900+ tennis drills and creative lesson plans that coaches need for teaching private or group classes.

Best Ball Machine Tennis Drills program

A complete course for tennis coaches to introduce beginner players to all the basic technical elements, plus lots of tips and drills.

webtennis24 training program

If you are a tennis parent willing to share your passion for this sport with your children, in this program you can see and follow the way I taught my two daughters since they were 5, respectively 6 years old, until they became competitive juniors at 12 and 13.
Teach your children a sport they will enjoy for life!

Best Ball Machine Tennis Drills program

Children’s tennis lessons should be a pleasant learning experience, and most importantly… fun.
In this program, you will find lots of tennis drills and games that kids love.
Make tennis lessons fun and they will keep coming for more!

visual tennis lessons and progression drills

Did you know that over 65% of people are visual learners?
If you are one of them, this newest program from WebTennis24 will show you the easiest way to learn or teach tennis techniques.

As a Tennis Player…

Improve your game from every single angle.
Serve with certainty and confidence, ace your opponents.
Hit groundstrokes that never fail, only win.
Approach the net at the right time, finish flawlessly.
No longer fear the big moments – always maintain composure.

webtennis24 training program

As a player, would you like to find a place where there’s everything you need to learn or improve your technique, discover winning tactics for singles or doubles matches, and creative tennis drills?
Now you have it all in one place!

Best Ball Machine Tennis Drills program

Find out how the ball machine can be a great tennis practice partner. Enjoy some of the best tennis drills that will improve your consistency and accuracy, and even play full matches… against a ball machine.
Now that’s what I call practice!

“Your online videos are without doubt the best I’ve seen. And the way you teach, adults and children, is indeed remarkable. Thank you very much for such a great experience”

Jim Chen

Who am I?

My name is Cosmin Miholca, and I’m the founder of WebTennis24.

I grew up in a small town in Romania.

I was introduced to tennis at the age of 12 by my father.

At first, I was only playing with my brother and I didn’t like the sport that much.

I didn’t even know how to play or hit the ball properly.

Regardless, my father made me continue. And I was improving.

Soon, a coach showed up in our town and organized our classes.

I quickly became the best player in town.

After high school, I first became a coach when I worked for 2 years in Romania, while preparing for college.

But then I stopped.

I studied Kinesiotherapy for several years, without any tennis whatsoever.

I soon moved to California with my lovely wife Irina, whom I’d met in college.

I never imagined I would be involved in tennis again.


In 2002, a couple of years after moving to California, I started playing tennis for fun again at a local club.

I was good, which the director of the club noticed. He encouraged me to compete.

I became a 2x club champion.

I arrived at a realization…

Tennis was the one true skill that made me stand out from the crowd.

I spoke to other local club managers in California…

Until I found one that was short-handed.

And just like that, I found myself coaching tennis once again.

For free, at first.

The manager noticed I was enthusiastic. Soon, he started paying me.

But I decided to look elsewhere.

I took a decent-paying job as an assistant tennis coach in another city nearby…

Until my first daughter was born.

I realized I wanted to provide for my family.

I took another big step and started coaching on my own, privately.

Things were going well…

But I wanted to spend more time with my wife and kids.

My dream was to provide people with quality tennis information while being active in the company of my family, who I dearly love.

I began building an online tennis platform, and I decided to call it WebTennis24.

Soon, I moved back to Romania with my family, and I’ve been here ever since.

I welcome you to my website which has been my pride and joy for more than a decade.

I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for and we’ll talk soon!

– Cosmin

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“Thanks Cosmin! I have reviewed many tennis instruction web sites and yours is the absolute best!”

Michael N. Lawrence


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