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WebTennis24 is an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to learn how to play tennis, improve your technique and footwork, win more matches, or learn how to teach tennis to children and adults

Your Training and Coaching Programs:

Tennis Drills and Lesson Plans for Coaches

Tennis Drills and Lesson Plans for Coaches
Stop lesson planning struggles! Get 900+ ready-made tennis drills and lesson plans for all skill levels. Free up your time and engage students with a variety of drills. Bonus: 5-day camp program included!
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Ultimate Training for Tennis Players

Ultimate Training for Tennis Players
Unlock Your Tennis Potential! This complete training program covers everything: technique, drills, mental strength, and winning tactics for ALL players. Transform your game from the inside out!
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My Daddy / My Coach

My Daddy / My Coach
Raise a Tennis Star! This course helps you introduce tennis to your child. Live lessons, fun drills and expert tips make learning easy and enjoyable. Create champions one swing at a time!
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10 Lesson Plans / How to Teach Tennis

10 Lesson Plans / How to Teach Tennis
Create Confident Beginner Tennis Players! This course provides everything you need: technique, drills and teaching tips to build a strong foundation for your students’ tennis journey.
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visual tennis lessons and progression drills

Visual Tennis Lessons / Progression Drills
See It, Master It! Tennis Technique Made Easy. Visual lessons and progression drills break down strokes step-by-step. Effortless learning for coaches and players.
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best tennis drills and games for kids

Best Tennis Drills and Games for Kids
Unleash a love for tennis! Engage children with tennis drills and games while honing their technique, footwork, ball tracking, and hand-eye coordination.
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Best Ball Machine Tennis Drills

Best Ball Machine Tennis Drills
Train Smarter, Not Harder! Targeted drills hone technique, accuracy and consistency – perfect for solo practice or match prep! The ball machine becomes your ultimate training partner.
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tennis questions / tennis answers

Tennis Questions / Tennis Answers
Get Expert Tennis Answers! Stop searching – find pro-level advice on technique, tactics (singles & doubles), mental game, equipment and more. Dominate the court with knowledge!
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webtennis24 all access

The Complete Tennis Bundle!
Full access to all the tennis programs: video lessons, drills, tactics and strategies, strokes progressions, coaching and training resources.
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I am a new member of your website. I had seen some of your videos through YouTube but did not realize that you had such a great website. I used your beginning serve progression with my kids yesterday and it worked very well. Keep up the good work!

Athena Cajas

Hey! I just found your site and videos through YouTube last night. I work with junior development kids, but you have some GREAT teaching tools and methods for breaking the game down to its basics, and in a way that anyone can understand. I am looking at your videos all the time online and seriously, you have some amazing material!! Love your approach to teaching the game! Just wanted to let you know I think your videos are wonderful and keep making them, they are awesome!!!

John Boettcher

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your coaching experience?

Cosmin Miholca is a tennis coach with over 30 years of playing experience and 20+ years of teaching the sport.
Cosmin has extensive coaching experience in Southern California and Europe, having trained thousands of players (ages 4-81) including his own two daughters (featured in the “My Daddy / My Coach” program).

What is the purpose of WebTennis24?

The WebTennis24 platform offers resources for players, coaches, and parents who want to learn and improve their tennis skills. It provides:

* For Players: Easy-to-follow technique lessons, creative drills, tips and fixes, tactics and strategies.
* For Coaches: Methods to teach students, hundreds of drills for various settings, and player development programs.
* For Parents: Resources to share their love of tennis with their children.

What categories are the programs offered in?

The tennis programs are divided into two main categories:

* Coaching: Resources specifically designed for tennis coaches and parents.
* Training: Training programs for players of all ages and skill levels.

What programs do you offer for introducing children to tennis?

We offer programs like “My Daddy / My Coach” and “10 Lesson Plans / How to Teach Tennis” that provide easy-to-follow coaching lessons for introducing children to the sport.

What other resources are available for coaches?

Coaches can access hundreds of tennis drills and lesson plans for private lessons, group classes (beginner to advanced, kids and adults), and even cardio classes. Please visit the Tennis Drills and Lesson Plans for Coaches program.

What programs do you offer for players to learn tennis techniques?

We offer programs like “Ultimate Training for Tennis Players” and “Visual Tennis Lessons and Progression Drills” that use simple progressions to help players learn proper technique.

Do you offer any programs for practicing with a ball machine?

Yes, we have a program with excellent tennis drills and technical demonstrations specifically designed for practicing with a ball machine. Improve your strokes consistency, accuracy, spin variety, and match preparation. Visit Best Ball Machine Tennis Drills and Game for more info!

What if the tennis information doesn’t work for me and I want to cancel my account?

We’ll be sorry to see you go, but we understand that sometimes things change. To cancel your membership, simply send an email to [email protected], or use the contact forms you find on the WebTennis24 website. We respond quickly and in a friendly manner to all customers’ emails, so you can be sure that your cancellation will be processed promptly.
We want our members to have a good experience, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about canceling your membership.

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