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Watching some of the beginning and intermediate-level players warming up for their matches made me think that there is a confusion in regard to what a player should accomplish first. Power seems to be a priority for some of the less experienced players…

A few days ago, I overheard a conversation between my younger daughter who was explaining to her mother that “everybody can hit hard; the good players know how to control the ball!”. That pleased me to know that she paid attention to my coaching. šŸ™‚

So what are the priorities in tennis?

I classify them as follows:
1. Consistency – players should first develop the ability to hit the ball over the net and inside the lines.
2. Placement – being able to hit the ball deep and short, or side to side, is key to get the opponents to hit off-balance or from their weak side.
3. Spin – translatesĀ most of the time into ballĀ control and different kinds of bounces.
4. Power – is the last on the list of priorities and should be developed only when the first three had become comfortable to the player.Ā 

Have fun on the tennis court!

Cosmin Miholca

Cosmin Miholca

Certified Tennis Coach

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