Tips for Teaching Kids Tennis

Tennis Tips for Teaching Kids Tennis

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about” – Angela Schwindt
This section features video tennis tips for teaching kids – coaches and parents find technical aspects for teaching children how to play and enjoy tennis.

Types of Balls / Court Size *
Volley Fix – Avoid Raising the Elbow *
How to Feed with Continental Grip
5 Ways to Feed the Ball to Young Children
How to Teach Serving with Continental
How to Fix the ‘Waiter’s Serve’
Two-Handed Backhand: The Role of Non-Dominant Hand
How to Teach Contact Point
Shadow Teaching
Three Drills for Perfect Toss
How to Switch from Western to Semi-Western Grip
One-Handed vs Two-Handed Backhand
Elbows Out in Front / Volley Technique
Shoulder to Shoulder / Groundstrokes Technique
Volley: Open Racquet Face, Quick Fix
How to Chase and Retrieve a Lob
How to Teach the Loop
How to Choose a Tennis Racket for Children
How to Get Rid of Arm Tension
Serve Toss Fix – 1
Serve Toss Fix – 2
Ball Tracking and Footwork – 1
Ball Tracking and Footwork – 2
Court Coverage and Recovery Footwork
How to Teach the Drive Volley
How to Shorten the Backswing
Balls Pick Up / Creative Ways
High Five / Net Play
How to Feed / Types of Balls
First Step To and Away from Ball
Unit Turn – Drills and Tips
Bounce on the Feet / Better Footwork
How to Make a Great “First Impression” as a Coach
Over and Under / The Loop
A Cone for Better Footwork
Groundstrokes Follow-Through Tips
Simple Ways to Teach the Forehand Grip
Timing and Control on Volley

The above tips for teaching kids tennis have been moved to the My Daddy / My Coach program.