Challenging Questions in Tennis

challenging tennis questionsI am in a very tough (tournament) match. My opponent wants (obviously) to win and he is making me work hard for every point. I struggle physically and mentally and I’m thinking whether I have the strength to go all the way.
The inevitable questions come to my mind: Is my struggle worth it? Is the effort worth it? Why should I try my best? DO I HAVE to try my best?

Truth is that every competitive player has been in this situation: give up or keep fighting…

Why “give up”?
Well, for the simple reason that giving up gets us back to our comfort zone: going back to the intimacy of our home, relaxing with the family and friends and… just rest.

On the other side, the “keep fighting” mode means continuing the hard work and the understanding that if we win then we’ll have to get back on the court the next day (during a tennis tournament) and continue this “struggle” again, all over.
It is not easy to keep going. It is not easy to keep fighting. The idea of giving up is so… tempting. It is a lot easier to give up than fight… It is a lot easier to stay in a comfort zone than not.

I don’t blame you if you decide to play and lose. I don’t blame you if you don’t want to continue even though you could. But I will tell you that what you do on the tennis court will reflect what you will do in life… my friend!
(Mental Tennis Lessons)


Cosmin Miholca