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In a recent email, I was asked what kind of tennis drills or games I prefer to apply in my classes…

Even though over the years I’ve posted over 1,000 tennis drills and games at WebTennis24.com, just a handful are my favorite which I use consistently in my lessons. That does not mean the other ones are not that great – they are all good drills, but it just happens that I connect and enjoy doing some of them (or I can’t remember them all :)).

So here are the best coach tennis drills and games that I have noticed players enjoy and I apply them in most of my lessons:

Most popular drills/games for Kids:
1. Jail Breaker – friendly competition for groups (practice ground-strokes; catch / hand-eye coordination).
2. Clean the Court – speed; conditioning.
3. Potato Race (FREE) – team race; speed; dynamic balance; racquet and ball control.
4. High Five – fun way to introduce kids playing at the net; introductory volley skills.
5. Dodge Ball – kids love this game: teaches them quick feet, reaction, dynamic balance.
6. Royal Court (FREE) – I use it mostly as a warm-up: hand-eye coordination, ball tracking, movement..
7. Caterpillar – loved by kids; lateral movement; ball tracking.
8. Popcorn – hand-eye coordination; fun.
9. Bounce It! – racquet and ball control; competitive game for beginning players.
10. O-U-T – teaches kids consistent serving under pressure; fun competitive game.
11. My Invisible Opponent – great game to teach beginning players how to keep score while practicing their serve.
12. Cat and Mouse – loved game by kids: speed, quick change of direction, dynamic balance.

Most popular drills/games for Singles players:
1. Three for Air – aggressive play; moving up to the net to win more points.
2. 100 (FREE) – great game for ground-strokes consistency.
3. In and Out – competitive game for 3+ players.
4. 90 Seconds – rally competition; good conditioning play.
5. Ping-Pong Tennis – teamwork; ground-strokes consistency.
6. Around the World – I usually do it at the end of a large group class: conditioning; ground-strokes consistency; fun.
7. Court Defender – one of the best games for large groups.
8. Cross Fire (FREE) – competitive game for large groups.
9. Wipe Out – fun game for large groups; one vs. many.
10. Kings/Queens vs. Challengers – kids love this game: individual competitiveness.

Most popular drills/games for Doubles players:
1. Three for Three (FREE) – transition to the net; net play; defending from baseline (players’ favorite).
2. Reflex Volleys – great net play game; quick reaction and volley control.
3. Three for Air – aggressive play; transition to the net; competitive game.
4. Win at the Net – loved by players: playing/winning at the net; teamwork.
5. Two Minutes – pressure play; net vs. baseline; conditioning for doubles.
6. One-Up-One-Back – classic doubles formation competitive game.
7. Battle of Racquets – teamwork; court coverage for doubles.
8. Olympics – net vs. baseline game for large groups.
9. Doubles Defense – teamwork and communication.
10. Lob Over Net Player – tactical and court positioning drill/game.
11. Moving Up and Down – the role of players in doubles; court coverage and competitive play.

The above drills/games are just some of my students’ favorites but there are so many more that you might love. Check them all out at WebTennis24.com.

Have fun!

Cosmin Miholca

Cosmin Miholca

Certified Tennis Coach

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