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200+ Video technique lessons and tips
47 My Daddy / My Coach live tennis lessons
150+ Mental tennis tips, singles & doubles tactics lessons
150+ Fun drills and tips for teaching kids
Lesson plans, how-to videos, expert advice articles and much more…

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Cosmin Miholca is one of the most genuine tennis coaches with an experience of over 30 years of coaching and playing competitive tennis. 

For more than 9 years he taught tennis in one of the best places in the world – Southern California (Dana Point, San Clemente).
Presently he enjoys teaching tennis on the red clay courts of Eastern Europe.

Cosmin has developed the one-of-a-kind online tennis courses such as the “My Daddy / My Coach” video series in which he shares with tennis coaches and especially parents how to teach tennis to children, showing his daughters’ progress from total beginners to advanced junior players.

WebTennis24 also features unique ways of learning and teaching tennis through “strokes progression drills“, “fun tennis drills for teaching kids“, “tips for teaching kids tennis“, “tactics and strategies for winning tennis matches – singles and doubles“, “ready-made tennis plans for coaches“, “how-to tennis fixes” and so much more.
Totalling close to 900 videos and more than 1000 tennis drills, WebTennis24 is one of the best websites for players, coaches and tennis parents.


is for…


  • Technique Lessons – step by step video demonstrations of how to learn the technical elements of tennis strokes
  • Strokes Progressions Lessons – the easiest way to learn tennis technique using a ball machine or practice partner
  • Tennis Tips – find out how to improve your technique and how to win more matches
  • Video Tennis Drills – some of the best ways to practice your strokes consistency, accuracy; footwork, speed, balance
  • How-To Videos – quick solutions to your technical and tactical tennis problems
  • Tactics and Strategies for Singles and Doubles Players – learn how to win against different types of players
  • Mental Tips – a special section with pieces of advice for you to understand what it takes to play your best tennis


is for…


  • My Daddy / My Coach – the only online lessons showing how to teach tennis from beginning to competitive levels
  • Tips for Teaching Kids – tennis coaches and parents find inspiration to teach this sport to the little stars
  • Fun Tennis Games for Kids – add these fun exercises when teaching kids; they will love their lessons
  • Tennis Drills – hundreds of drills for coaches to apply in the private or group lessons
  • Lesson Plans – ready-made plans that coaches can take with them on the court
  • 5-Day Camp Program – coaches will find an easy plan to run a successful tennis camp for beginning players

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from WebTennis24?

This website has been developed to meet the needs of tennis players (beginning and intermediate levels) by providing hundreds of video tennis lessons, tips and drills.
WebTennis24 is for tennis coaches who can find 1,000+ tennis drills to use in their classes with 1, 2, 3, 4 or large groups of players, singles or doubles specific lessons. The coaches will also appreciate the ready-made lesson plans suited for private or group lessons, beginning or more advanced players.
There is a special section for tennis parents too. Now anyone who is willing to teach tennis to their own children can follow the My Daddy / My Coach video series and learn how to introduce tennis to kids or beginning tennis players.

How long are your memberships for?

There are no long term contracts or commitments. Pay for each month/year you use the site and cancel at any time.

If I have questions about WebTennis24, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes, we offer support for our members so you can get the answers you need, when you need them. Just contact us, here. Besides the contact form, you can chat with us or leave a message.

Is the recurring payment process automatic?

Yes, you do not have to worry about renewing your membership every month/year, as it is processed automatically. Of course, you can cancel anytime by sending us a simple message. We respond to your emails within 12 hours; most of the time even sooner.

Can I cancel my account any time?

Yes, although we hate to see our friends leave, you can easily cancel your account at any time.
Simply send us an email stating that you want to cancel your membership, or you can do it from your Account page.
Important: If you have any questions in regard to your account or website payments, we would be grateful if you contact us first. We want to make sure you have a good experience with us.

“Your online videos are without doubt the best I’ve seen. And the way you teach, adults and children, is indeed remarkable. Thank you very much for such a great experience”

Jim Chen

Members Testimonials

“I don’t believe there is a better place to seek tennis instruction than  Having said that, I’m not known for empty compliments so, when I refer your website to my tennis friends, they know it is worth taking the time to check it out.”

Gillian Healy

“Thanks Cosmin! I have reviewed many tennis instruction web sites and yours is the absolute best! Although I’ve played tennis for many years, I just became certified to teach and your service is exactly what I need. I’m sure I will be extending my membership. Thanks again!”

Michael N. Lawrence

“I want to commend you and your site, one of my opponents started subscribing to your instruction and became a much tougher opponent for me, when he tells me the changes he’s made because of your site, they all make tons of sense.”

Perris Calderon