Tennis Tips For Teaching Kids

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about” (Angela Schwindt)

 High Five – introduce volley to beginners (1 video / 5 minutes)       NEW

 How to Feed / Type of Balls for Kids (1 video / 2 minutes)

 First Step To- and Away- (1 video / 5 minutes)

 Unit-Turn Drill (1 video / 3 minutes)

 Three Bounces / One Hit (1 video / 2 minutes)

how_to_make_a_great_first_impression_wt24 How to Make a Great First Impression (2 videos / 9 minutes)

over_and_under_24 Over and Under (1 video / 3 minutes)

a_cone_for_better_footwork_wt24 A Cone for Better Footwork (1 video / 1 minute)

followthrough_when_teaching_kids Follow-Through when Teaching Kids (1 video / 1 minute)

easy_ways_to_teach_the_forehand_grip_wt24 Easy Ways to Teach the Forehand Grip (1 video / 2 minutes)

exercise_to_improve_control_and_timing_on_volleys_WT24 Exercise to Improve Timing & Control on Volleys (1 video / 6 minutes)

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