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In this section, dedicated to tennis players, you’ll find lots of videos and articles – how to play tennis, improve your technique, choose from the hundreds of tennis drills for your best practice, learn how to win singles or doubles tennis matches by studying tactics and strategies according to your level of play, and so much more.
Beginning, intermediate and even advanced players have all the info they need to take their tennis skills to higher levels.

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Get inside the Training library – hundreds of video lessons, drills and tips for tennis players of all levels.
Find the answers to better technique, movement, mental strength, singles and doubles strategies.

technique lessons for tennis players

14 Lessons / 65 Videos

Learn or improve the main technical elements of all the key tennis strokes. Improve your consistency, accuracy and power by learning the proper tennis strokes and technique.
Each lesson is divided into four major parts: preparation, contact, follow-through (finish), and drills to practice.

stroke progressions tennis drills

18 Lessons / 55 Videos
The easiest way to learn more about or teach the main tennis strokes. This section features simple video lessons showing progression drills that will guide you or your students into learning all the elements of tennis strokes technique.

singles and doubles tennis tactics lessons

62 Lessons
This section is for competitive players who want to play their best and win more matches.
Good technique is not enough to win in tennis. How to use your strength against your opponent’s weakness, how to position on the court to conserve energy and get to the ball early is knowledge that competitive and smart tennis players possess.

video tennis drills

172 Videos
Players will be pleased to find a variety of videos showing excellent drills and games to improve the consistency and accuracy of their strokes, footwork and even specific singles or doubles tactics.

video tennis tips for players

34 Videos
For beginning and intermediate level players to improve the technical aspects of the main tennis strokes. As a result, they will enjoy more consistency, accuracy and better footwork.

how to tennis videos

34 Videos
This section focuses on simple solutions for common technical problems players face.
Find how-to videos demonstrating errors and fixes that players need help with.

mental tennis tips

23 Articles and Videos
Articles to understand what it takes to be consistent in all tennis strokes, how to handle the pressure of competition, to control your energy levels ahead of the excitement (and anxiety) of upcoming matches.

mental tennis tips

48 Real Questions & Answers
Some of our online tennis partners offered to share their knowledge in these short (and straight to the point) Q & A surveys. 
From what to eat before a tennis match, to what kind of strings to use for power and control, to how to improve your technique… a lot of questions are answered by some of the top tennis teaching professionals.

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