MY DADDY / MY COACH – Live Tennis Lessons (page 1)

In this section you will see how Cosmin Miholca, a certified tennis teaching professional, teaches his own two daughters tennis, beginning with the first lesson where the kids learn the basics and continue their progress into becoming tournament players.
This content is “unique”: a tennis coach taking his kids on the journey from beginning players all the way to competitive “warriors”.
(The information in these videos is meant to supplement on-court tennis training. Like any sport involving speed, equipment, balance and environmental factors, tennis poses some inherent risks. The author of these videos advises viewers to take full responsibility for their safety and to know their limits. Before practicing the skills described in these videos, be sure that you do not take risks beyond your level of experience, aptitude, training and comfort level.)

Tennis Lesson no. 1: The Beginnings
(10 videos / 53 minutes)
– fun introductory games for little kids
– tips for teaching the grips
– forehand ground-stroke technique (learn and practice)
– tips for teaching kids tennis

Tennis Lesson no. 2: Basics of Ground-Strokes
(8 videos / 48 minutes)
– fun warm-up exercises for kids
– forehand ground-stroke review and practice
– forehand and backhand grips (how to teach)
– backhand ground-stroke technique (learn and practice)
– rally game with sponge balls

Tennis Lesson no. 3: Introduction to Drills
(7 videos / 42 minutes)
– tips for teaching kids
– shadow tennis and technique review
– fun game for balls pick-up
– tennis drills: ground-strokes on the run, speed and footwork

Tennis Lesson no. 4: Indoors
(8 videos / 56 minutes)
– fun warm-up
– ground-strokes tennis drills
– movement and preparation tips
– footwork and speed exercises

Tennis Lesson no. 5: The Serve – 1
(7 videos / 42 minutes)
– toss exercises for beginning players
– grip and contact point drills
– trophy pose and racquet drop
– serving to targets

Tennis Lesson no. 6: The Serve – 2
(8 videos / 50 minutes)
– toss and swing exercises
– adding the serve back-swing
– serving in balance
– teaching tips for coaches and parents

Tennis Lesson no. 7: Ground-Strokes, Footwork, Serve
(9 videos / 55 minutes)
– back to tennis (after a break)
– ground-strokes and movement drills
– first rally game
– footwork and speed exercises
– serve technique and practice

Tennis Lesson no. 8: Hand-Eye, Placement, Speed
(8 videos / 52 minutes)
– hand-eye coordination exercises
– ground-strokes rally
– ground-strokes placement drills
– speed and change of direction exercises

Tennis Lesson no. 9: Corrective Technique, Footwork
(8 videos / 49 minutes)
– forehand / backhand corrective technique
– ground-strokes footwork exercises
– rally games

Tennis Lesson no. 10: Rally Games
(9 videos / 62 minutes)
– rally games: coach vs player
– rally games: player vs player
– ground-strokes drills
– footwork exercises

Tennis Lesson no. 11: Consistency under Pressure; Serve Technique
(9 videos / 54 minutes)
– consistency under pressure (lots of ground-strokes drills)
– serve practice (warm-up, technique)
– serving under pressure (game)
– speed and change of direction drill

Tennis Lesson no. 12: Underhand & Overhand Serve
(7 videos / 48 minutes)
– shadow serve practice
– overhand serve (technique, practice)
– contact point tennis drill
– underhand serve (technique, purpose)
– fun serve game

Tennis Lesson no. 13: Fun On-Court Drills and Games
(8 videos / 53 minutes)
– speed and footwork (creative drills)
– return of serve (footwork and play)
– fun on-court games for kids

Tennis Lesson no. 14: Competitive Games
(8 videos / 59 minutes)
– competitive ground-stroke games
– speed and footwork drills

Tennis Lesson no. 15: The Volley
(9 videos / 57 minutes)
– introduction to volley (technique, progressions)
– volley footwork
– basic transition to the net (ground-strokes and volleys)

Tennis Lesson no. 16: Slice Serve, Volley, Transition
(8 videos / 48 minutes)
– slice serve (technique, tips for coaches/parents)
– volley practice
– transition to the net (ground-strokes, approach, volleys)

Tennis Lesson no. 17: Footwork & Groundstrokes, Serve, Tie-Break
(10 videos / 65 minutes)
– footwork and ground-strokes tennis drills
– serve practice (flat and slice)
– tie-break game

Tennis Lesson no. 18: Drills & Games, Volley, Transition, Serve
(10 videos / 62 minutes)
– hand-eye coordination drills
– competitive tennis games
– transition to the net (drills and games)
– serve practice (flat and slice)
– fun game for kids

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