Cardio Tennis Drills

cardio tennis drills for groupsIn this section coaches find some of the best tennis drills and games to conduct their cardio tennis classes.
The following cardio tennis drills are presented in two categories:
– “basket drills” which means the coach feeds balls from the basket while giving certain technical or footwork instructions;
– “games” designed to involve players in friendly competitions while still enjoying a good workout.

  • Short, Volley, Over-Overhead (basket drill)
  • Around the World (game)
  • Ping-Pong Tennis (game)
  • Deep-Short-Out (game)
  • Run for the Fences (game)
  • Feed Transition (basket drill)
  • Bye, Bye! (game)
  • Get the Lob (game)
  • Round and Round (game)
  • Zip-Zap (basket drill)
  • Faster (game)
  • Run and Let It Bounce (game)
  • Half and Around (game)
  • Close and Away (basket drill)
  • Scoot Over (game)
  • Ground-Strokes in Circles (basket drill)
  • Eleven Balls (basket drill)
  • V-Drill: Offense (basket drill)
  • V-Drill: Defense (basket drill)
  • V-Drill Forehand: Offense/Defense (basket drill)
  • V-Drill Backhand: Offense/Defense (basket drill)
  • Doubles Court Transition (basket drill)
  • Ground-Strokes Forever (basket drill)
  • Inside-Out Along the Alley (basket drill)
  • Inside Forehand / Inside Backhand (basket drill)
  • Simply Cardio (basket drill)
  • Inside Out / Inside In – Around the Cone (basket drill)
  • Volley Work (basket drill)
  • Bounce / No Bounce (basket drill)
  • Big Square (basket drill)
  • Ground-Strokes and Footwork (basket drill)
  • Hit and Shadow (basket drill)
  • Over the Hills (basket drill)
  • Short and Deep (basket drill)

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