Basket Tennis Drills for Coaches

Basket Tennis Drills

In this section, you will discover basket tennis drills for private and group lessons.
Tennis basket drills are a training method where a coach or partner feeds balls from a basket, allowing for close observation and correction of a player’s footwork, technique, and strategic shot selection.

Power and Finesse *
Hit-Run-Finish *
Plus Five / Minus Five – Groundstrokes
Plus Five / Minus Five – Overhead
Pattern Play with Coach
Lead Serve
Return to Spot
Hit Away
Hit Away – 2
Hit Away – 3
Three + Three + Three
Serve Up / Serve Back
Serve, Play and Put-Away
Drop and Lob Chase
Ground-Strokes Marathon
Pick and Put
Up and Back
Blackjack Serving
3 Along the Line / Backwards
How Long Can You Last – 1
How Long Can You Last – 2
Accuracy and Touch
Volley and Overhead / Low-High-Higher
Serve Pressure
All Inside Baseline
Groundstrokes in Circles
Kind and Rough
Catch and Volley
Three-Part Aggressive
Drop-Shot Accuracy on the Run
Eleven Balls
Volley Approach
Short Power Ball
Bermuda Triangle
V-Drill: Offense
V-Drill: Defense
V-Drill: Forehand Offense and Defense
V-Drill: Backhand Offense and Defense
Rally on Six
Break the Cup
Controlling Depth
Hand-Fed Deep and Short
To Short / To Deep
The Pyramid
Volley Circle
Groundstrokes Placement – 1
Groundstrokes Placement – 2
Deep – High – Put-Away
Court Transition – 1
Court Transition – 2
Court Transition – 3
Court Transition – 4
Court Transition – 5
Overhead / Tap and Run
Attack and Retreat
Groundstrokes Forever
Ball Attack
Short and Volley
Seven Balls Drill
Serve and Volley
Cone’s Eight
Inside-Out along the Alley
Slide-Over Groundstrokes
High Forehand and Smash
Inside Forehand / Inside Backhand
Approach / Poach / Volleys
Double Drop Shot
Volley Approach / Put-away
Forehand Approach / Volley Cross-Court
High and Low
Six Balls Placement
Twenty Balls
Quick Change of Direction
Cardio Basket Drill
Corner / Center / Corner
Inside Out / Inside In around Cone
Heavy Topspin
Short Ball and Footwork
Doubles Serve Return
Volley Work
Lob Game
All to One Area
Drop Ball Feed Recovery
Ball Machine: Court Transition
Ball Machine: Groundstrokes and Volleys
Quick Recovery Drill
Depth Game
Changed Direction
Bounce / No Bounce
Big Square
Service Delivery
Charge and Conquer
Cross and Put-Away
Defend Cross-Court
Master the Lob
Footwork and Ground-Strokes
Approach and Aggressive Volley
Ground and Sky
Serve and Put-Away
Back and Away
No Tap
Serve and Volley / Attack and Retreat
Serve and Volley / Attack and Finish
Strategic Forehands
Hit and Shadow
Team Attack and Poach
Approach and Finish
Fast Feet and Control
Ultimate Serve Return
High Ball Practice – 1
High Ball Practice – 2
Short-Angled Ball
Move and Reach
Low to Drop
Over the Hills
Deep and Angle Shot – 1
Deep and Angle Shot – 2
Serves from Anywhere
One + Five
Follow the Deep Ball
Waiting for Overhead
Need for Spin
Return of Serve Ultimate Drill
Come Up / Come Clean
My Invisible Opponent
Ultimate Serving Drill
Return to Ten
Hard to Read
Down-the-Line Put-Away Backhand
Net Comfort
Arm Strength
Serve in a Row
Pyramid Blow
M-A-S-T-E-R Volley
Poaching Drill
Short and Deep
Enough is Enough / The Lob
Enough is Enough / The Pass
Serve Rolling
Lob the Weak Wing
Four Ball Approach Rally
Approach Four x Four

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