How I Taught a 70 Year Man to Hit with Topspin

A few years ago, the father of one of my students told me he wanted to take a couple of tennis lessons so I can teach him how to hit with topspin. This gentleman was about 70 years old and a reputable doctor in Southern California.

My first approach with him was to check his grip. I explained him that in order to create more topspin on his ground-strokes he needed to make a grip adjustment.

He was using a continental grip (on his forehand); I slowly helped him to make the transition to an eastern and then to a close to semi-western grip.

That, followed by a couple of other minor technical improvements (stance and swing), gave him a very good understanding and feel of how to hit with more topspin, power and keep a lot more balls in.

It took us a few sessions (about 10 – with a lot of questions and frustrating moments here and there 🙂 but then he ended up surprising his doubles buddies with his new strokes; as a result his confidence and enjoyment for the game got to a new high level.

You see, many times the minor adjustments that we do in our tennis technique, can be the foundation of our overall capability to play at full potential.

A few days ago I posted eight (8) new videos that are dealing with just that:

How to Quickly Fix Your Technique for maximum control, consistency or power.

Make it a great week!


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Cosmin Miholca
Certified Tennis Professional