How to Handle Bad Line Calls in Tennis

bad line calls in tennisAs you have probably noticed by now, all the articles that I have sent your way are based on personal tennis experience…
Today, again, I come with some pieces of advice that you can take with you on the court, especially knowing that Saturday morning is match time for most of you! 🙂
(Mental Tennis Tips)

One of the things that I “brag” to my students is that I have never argued with any of my opponents, in my entire tennis life! And here is why:

– Arguing creates negative energy that affects your game in a negative way (there are very few exceptions when arguing actually helps someone’s game).

– There is a chance that you actually did not see the ball well – you “could” be wrong.

– If you do think that your opponent was unfair with the call, disagree with her/him in a polite manner. You will let her/him know, in this way, that you are actually watching them and you too keep a good eye on what is happening on the court.

– Do not get angry. Stay positive! This is my best advice because I am a firm believer in the fact that if you stay on the positive side, good things will come (or turn) your way.

– And lastly – regardless of the match outcome you DO want to be able to look into your opponent’s eyes and feel good about yourself at the end of the match. Don’t let the bad calls ruin a potential friendship with your opponent even though she/he might not be perfect in calling the shots correctly all the time!


Cosmin Miholca