7 Tips for Singles Tennis Players (To Win More Matches)

Sometimes little pieces of advice can make a big difference in everything we do.
Below you’ll find 7 singles tennis tips that could help you win more matches.

singles tennis tips

1. Play Different Opponents as Often as You Can
By playing different opponents you learn to adapt to different personalities, ball spin and pace, different tactics.
This will also teach you to successfully get out of your comfort zone which is critical for a good player to be able to master.

2. Learn to Change the Direction of the Ball
If you want to dominate the point, you must be in control of ball placement.
Forget about hitting only cross-court or only in the direction from where the ball came – take advantage of court openings or your opponent’s weak shots.
Therefore you must be able to hit in that direction at any time.

3. Depth or Power?
If you were to choose between power and depth, choose depth.
Aim your shots to land beyond the service line.
That should be enough to keep your opponents away from hitting aggressive shots back to you.

4. Do Not Try to Win Points with:

  • second serve 
  • hard to reach overheads (the ones you must over-stretch to get to) 
  • half-volley
  • low volleys
  • return of serve 

These are shots that you just have to get in and, if possible, place them so that your opponents cannot attack you.

5. More First Serves In
One thing is certain: on your first serve delivery, your opponent plays defensive (waits for the ball behind the baseline, wants to get it back in play, etc.) while on your second serve, she will attempt to take control of the point by attacking it.
Knowing that, strive for getting more first serves in: take some pace off of it or use more spin.

6. Deer in the Headlights
When you bring your opponent up at the net don’t try to win the point on the first shot (pass her).
Instead, make her volley at least once.
Most of the time, when players come up to the net, they are too tense to put the first volley away.
If you hit right at them, they might give you a nice “sitter” in the middle of the court so you can only then put the ball away.

7. Playing at the Net
The way you perform at the net depends a lot on how you got there – your approach shot.
Do pay attention to how you approach the net.
Always consider the following:
– the approach shot should be low so that your opponent must hit up on the ball (which can set you up for a high volley)
– hit your approach shot toward your opponent’s weak side (e.g. backhand) – fewer chances to be passed.

For more singles tennis tips check out Tactics and Strategies for Singles Play.

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