5 Tennis Tips for a Better Volley

Sometimes the little tricks can make a big difference in everything we do.
Below you’ll find 5 volley tennis tips that could greatly improve your technique, footwork and ball control.

1. Step Out First
To move faster to a ball for volley always step out in the direction of it with the foot closer to the trajectory of the ball. By doing this you will cover more court quicker.
Practice this footwork technique in your spare time so that it becomes automatic in the match.
volley tennis tips

2. Two Punches
Often players tend to hit a winner off of the first volley. Instead consider the first volley as a set-up shot and look to put it away on the second volley. That unless the first volley is a high one and very close to the net…

3. Catch the Ball
For more controlled volleys visualize catching the ball on your racquet strings. Visualize your racquet head as an oversized hand that cushions or punches the ball as it comes to you.

4. All in Front
Avoid swinging at the ball when taking it in the air. If you do that, most of the time you will take the racquet too far back and you will fail to contact it out in front.
A good exercise, in practice, would be to imagine you are standing with your back against a wall/fence and every time you take your racquet back it would hit the wall/fence – so keep the body moving forward and the racquet away from the imaginary wall/fence behind you.

5. Low and High Volleys
Treat the low volleys (the ones you contact below net level) as set-up or placement shots and consider the high volleys to finish the point with or wrong-foot your opponent.

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