5 Tennis Tips for Doubles Players

Sometimes the little tricks can make a big difference in everything we do.
Below you’ll find 5 doubles tennis tips that could help your team win more matches.

doubles tennis tips

1. Attack the Poacher
If the opposing net player poaches a lot, to make him stay put, hit the ball aggressively his way a couple of times.
This will make him think twice before poaching. 😉

2. Keep the Ball Low
In doubles play learn to keep the ball low. And that is for a few reasons:
 – your opponents will have to hit up (which will set you or your partner up for high volleys)
 – it will make it hard for your opponents to lob your team (when the ball is low/under-spin that is)
 – a poaching opponent will have difficulties putting the ball away off of a low incoming ball.

3. Aim Most of Your Serves Down-the-T (close to the center service line) or into-the-body
This action closes the angles the returner can send the ball to which sets up the server’s partner for poaching the return.

4. When you are at the net and your partner is serving,
As soon as the ball passes you, move (step) toward the side the ball will land on:
 – if the serve is wide then move a step toward the side line;
 – if the ball lands close to the center line, move (a small step) toward your center line.
So position yourself according to where the ball lands – stay behind it.

5. How to Avoid Lobs
Many people hate lobs because they get them out of their comfort zone.
If you are one of them, here’s a simple tip to avoid getting lobbed: hit your ground-strokes and approach shots with under-spin.
This makes it hard for opponents to get under the ball and hit it too high because the ball stays low and the backwards spin does not favor lobs.

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