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WebTennis24 is for tennis players who want to learn how to consistently perform at a higher level through the convenience of online video training.  When you don’t have access to a private tennis club or the budget to hire a personal tennis coach, video tennis lessons offer a good alternative.  It’s easy to watch and learn tennis with internet access to hundreds of high quality video tennis lessons!

Here you will find the same expertise and training that you would get by hiring your own tennis professional.

Explore different tennis drills and game techniques that are adaptable for beginners and intermediate players alike.  In minutes per day, you can develop the skills necessary to gain the advantage over your opponents.

Parents & Coaches Benefit, Too!

WebTennis24 is also for parents and coaches who want to keep tennis practices challenging and fun with “My Daddy/My Coach” video series.  Get fresh ideas for tennis drills, fitness exercises, and footwork by watching live hour-long sessions with children – everything you need to take your student or child’s game to the next level.

How Can Video Lessons Help You?

WT24 daddy and kids

My goal is to help you take your tennis skills to the next level.  After more than two decades immersed in the world of competitive and non-competitive tennis, I can offer you a unique perspective of the sport.  Get access to my personal knowledge through the WebTennis24 video library.

Hi, I’m Cosmin Miholca.  I’m a tennis coach and a father of two daughters!

WebTennis24 has been created by me, a certified tennis professional and coach.  I have lived and breathed the sport of tennis for over 25 years, traveling the world to train both amateurs and aspiring pros.

Save Money with Video Tennis Lessons

WebTennis24 is a monthly paid membership with access to over 400 video tennis lessons taught by a certified tennis professional.  Many tennis coaches charge $85.00 to $100.00 or more per hour.  By investing in a WebTennis24 membership, you can save hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars per year in private lessons.  You simply cannot find this caliber of information anywhere else at such an affordable price.

Unlike a private coach who has limited time to share among students, these videos are here whenever you need help.

You Won’t Be Disappointed!

I believe you can end the search for the “perfect” tennis training because WebTennis24 offers limitless possibilities to enhance your tennis game.  Now you can turn your free time into learning time wherever you have Internet access, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week:

  • Fine tune your serve, return, overhead, volley, and ground-strokes in minutes per day.

  • Take charge of your singles and doubles games with unique tips and advice.

  • Improve your breathing techniques, footwork, and overall strength.

  • Discover how to gain the competitive edge over your opponents.

  • Work at your own pace and skill level.

  • Learn quick fixes to avoid hitting the net, improve contact with the ball, modify your toss, and prevent hitting the ball too deep.

  • Find out how to make practice times more productive, avoid burnout, and stay excited about the game.

  • If you teach small children, the “My Daddy / My Coach” series features me giving lessons to my own children (nowhere else on the web is this kind of footage available by a professional coach).

  • Pursue your goal of becoming a better tennis player!


Choose Your Membership Level (3-Day Money Back Guarantee)

Silver Member $9.97/mo

  • Immediate access to all video tennis lessons
  • Pay month to month for as long as you want access to the video library.
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Save $40.00

Gold Member $79.97/yr

  • Immediate access to all video tennis lessons for a full year
  • Complimentary copy of “100 (+1) Tips” ebook
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Save $139.75

Platinum Member $99.97/yr

  • Immediate access to all video tennis lessons for a full year
  • Complimentary copy of “100 (+1) Tips” ebook
  • Plus, get access to, our second membership site specific to coaching tennis
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  • 3 Days Money Back Guarantee


My passion for tennis is second only to my love and dedication to my wife and two little girls, who you will see in many of the video lessons.

It was very useful, especially for persons like me who do not have opportunity getting regular coaching. All basic fundas as well as finer points of footwork, grip, positioning, contact points etc. were explained in a professional manner. – R. G. Soni

As a high school tennis coach for a small rural school, I appreciate the high-quality information you offer through Most of our players do not have access to a private coach or tennis club. Your videos provide a valuable resource. I have learned a lot for myself and have passed on the knowledge to my players. – Eva K.

Very positive impressions of the site, fully informative and knowledgeable, useful & practical tips and pieces of advice. – Sladowski

Plus, Bonus eBook Delivered Every Month when You Become a WebTennis24 Member…

Believe it or not, ebooks are another effective way to learn tennis because you can refer to a chapter or section over and over again – something you can’t do with private lessons. And, ebooks are mobile – save them to your mobile device and read them when you are on the go.

In my free time, I enjoy writing ebooks for my students on special topics of interest, areas which I believe can improve your game significantly. As a member, you can receive one ebook monthly as my way of saying thank you:


Whether You Try One Month or a Full Year…

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“The people behind are providing valuable tips and imparting knowledge on the game of tennis through the internet that makes the regular/ordinary tennis player improve their game even without the guidance of a tennis coach behind them.”Ramon B.