Where Do I Go?

This tennis doubles drill is designed to teach the net player where to position according to his partner’s serve placement.
Good court coverage is key for getting to the ball quicker and be in balance for an effective volley.
The coach (F) is at the baseline with a basket of balls nearby. The player (A) is at the net, on the same side of the court with the coach. Targets are placed in the service box where the coach is about to deliver his serve to:
– target 1 is wide – close to the singles side line,
– target 2 is in the middle – close to the service line and about half way between singles side line and center line,
– target 3 is close to the center line (see graphic below).
Before the drill begins, the coach instructs the player to move according to the way the targets are placed on the other side:
– if the serve is wide (close to target 1), he should move and split-step closer to the singles side line;
– if the serve is toward the center of the service box (target 2), he should move and do a split-step forward;
– if the serve is close to the center line (target 3), the player should make a split-step closer to his center line too (see graphic).
This drill is key for doubles players to understand where should they position in order for a more effective poaching and to close the possible angles for his opponents.

tennis doubles drill

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