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Here’s the new content for the past 12 months:

January 2021:

December 2020:

  • How to Hit the Ball on the Rise (8-minute video) – it is a new lesson in the Training section of WebTennis24, which shows in a 3-part sequence how to take the ball early, before your opponent has time to cover the open court: preparation (observe the spin, footwork), contact (technique, visualization), and practice drills (self-feed, partner feed).
    Knowing how to take the ball on the rise makes the difference between being a defensive (reactive) or offensive (proactive) player. You want to be able to do… both.
  • How to Teach the Switch from Western to Semi-Western Grip (6-minute video) – this is another creative lesson, part of Kids Tennis membership, that shows my way of teaching a child (or practically anybody), who hits their forehand groundstroke using a western grip, to make the switch to the semi-western. If you want your child to hit more balls over the net and more power, playing with a semi-western grip should be the aim of any modern-day player.

November 2020:

  • Overhead Progression (3 videos) – a step-by-step method for learning or teaching the overhead. More lessons, tips, and drills can be found in the Training section.
  • Pizza Delivery (1 video) – a fun children’s game for picking up tennis balls during lessons. It can be accessed inside the Kids Tennis section where you can also find tips and live lessons with kids.

October 2020:

  • One-Handed vs Two-Handed Backhand – if you are a beginner or a coach teaching beginning players, in this video I share my honest opinion about whether you should choose to play one-handed or two-handed backhand? I grew up playing two-handed but in recent years I’ve picked up the one-handed backhand as a way to easily teach and rally with my students.
    Find it in the TrainingKids memberships, and 10 Lesson Plans program.
  • Footwork and Conditioning – in addition to the many drills and games that can be found in the Best Ball Machine Tennis Drills and Games program, I wanted to share with members some creative ways to practice good footwork and improve stamina while working with a tennis ball machine.
  • Pre-Serve Throw – this is also a new video for coaches and tennis parents who like to show children how to play tennis. You will see my way of teaching beginning players how to swing up instead of forward when learning and practicing their serve. This exercise can be incorporated into the player’s warm-up routine, as well as a good tip for a more consistent serve.
    Find it in the 10 Lesson Plans program, and Kids Tennis section at WebTennis24.

September 2020:

  • Best Tennis Drills and Games for Kids
    A new program dedicated to coaches and tennis parents who are looking for some of the best tennis drills and games that children love:
    – hand-eye coordination
    – footwork and speed
    – fun competitive games
    – technique and strokes placement
    – and more…

August 2020:

  • How-To: Avoid Hitting Off of the Back Foot – shows a creative way to learn how to make contact with the ball in front and transfer the weight into the shot.
    Find it inside the Training section >>> How-To Videos.
  • Overhead | Look Up – practice overheads from different parts of the court for control and consistency.
    This drill can be found inside the Training section >>> Overhead Drills.
  • First Cone Down – a fun way for large groups of players to practice the serve and add a friendly competition.
    It can be accessed inside the Coaching section >>> Drills for Large Groups-1.
  • Serve One-Two-Three – is a new video in which I demonstrate a good drill for serve accuracy.
    ​Find it inside the Training section >>> Serve and Return Drills, and the new Best Ball Machine Tennis Drills program >>> Serve Drills.

July 2020:

  • Best Ball Machine Tennis Drills and Games – new program!
    No partner… no problem!
    The ball machine can be your best tennis partner, assisting you in improving your technique, footwork, ball placement, and consistency.
    You can even play competitive games that prepare you for upcoming matches or competitions.

June 2020:

  • No updates – we were working on developing the new Best Ball Machine Tennis Drills and Games program (see July newsletter, above).

May 2020:

    Ever wonder why some people keep the non-dominant hand on the handle while others prefer to cradle the neck of the racquet?
    In this video, I explain the difference and why you should care about this technical aspect.
    Find it inside the Training section at WebTennis24.
    In this video you’ll see why paying attention to your elbows can add more power and cleaner contact with the ball when volleying.
    It can be found in the Training and Kids Tennis sections.
    This “minor” technical aspect really improved my groundstroke consistency as I was struggling with my forehand, as a child. Now I still believe in it and recommend it to all my students.
    Watch this video to add consistency to your groundstrokes – inside the TrainingKids Tennis, and 10 Lesson Plans.
    A tennis game for kids that does not really improve their strokes but it can be used as a fun way to add to children’s enthusiasm during the lessons.
    This video can be watched inside the Kids Tennis and 10 Lesson Plans program.

April 2020:

  • How to Chase and Retrieve a Lob (Training and Kids Tennis) – 4-minute video lesson
  • Volley: Open Racquet Face (Kids Tennis) – 4-minute tennis tip and drill for teaching beginning players
  • My Imaginary Friend | Advanced Version (Training) – 6-minute video tennis drill for serve power and consistency.

March 2020:

  • Type of Balls / Court Size for Kids (12-minute video lesson)
    By far, the most frequent questions I receive from tennis parents are in regard to the types of balls their children (10 and under) should be playing with, and whether they should do it on full or reduced size courts.
    In this new lesson, I explain in detail why children should begin playing with balls suited to their age and what are the long-term benefits of taking the court size seriously.
    Tennis parents and coaches will find this lesson verrry informative.
    See it in the 10 Lesson Plans program and Kids Tennis section.
  • Serve Cone-Run (6-minute video – drill for 2-8 players)
    There are very few drills and games that get players excited to practice their serve. Luckily, I’ve tested quite a few drills and games myself, and with my tennis students from children to adults. Therefore I want to bring you a new tennis game that is A LOT of FUN to work on serve placement, consistency and… get a pretty good workout doing it.
    Tennis players, coaches and even tennis parents will love it, especially if there is a partner (or more) to challenge each other.
    ​Find it in the Training and Kids Tennis sections.

February 2020:

  • Aggressive Doubles Strategy: The Lob (free blog article) – read why the lob can be a great shot to set up an aggressive attack, and how this influences the teams’ positioning.
  • Ten Ways to Be a Better Tennis Coach (part of 10 Lesson Plans program) – it is a list of things coaches should follow to become respected and valued at their club or community. They helped me a lot; now I want to share them with you, tennis coaches.
  • Challenge (part of Coaching membership) – a new competitive drill for kids, which can be applied with intermediate level players.
  • Volley Fix: Avoid Raising the Elbow (part of Kids Tennis membership) – a 4-minute video showing how to correct a volley technique issue that can occur not only with beginning players but advanced ones as well. 
  • Low Toss vs High Toss (part of Training membership) – wondering what is the difference, advantages, and disadvantages between the low and high ball toss; how they affect your serve delivery (the speed that is)? This video might make you re-think, and give you a good solution to increase your serve power.