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tennis drills for footwork and speed

New at WebTennis24: Footwork and Speed – for all levels of play

Footwork and speed are some of the basic elements of playing your best tennis.
Getting to the ball quickly, stopping and getting back in position for the next ball, are aspects that can be practiced through specific drills that do not have to be dull. 

Improve your speed and balance with these new drills:

1. Hop-Out / Hop-In (video) – simple drill for speed and dynamic balance. It can be done by any player (kids or adult; beginner or advanced).

2. Third Run (video) – friendly competitive speed drill for 2-6 players (beginning-advanced).

Even though the release for the next My Daddy / My Coach live lesson was planned for January, I was asked to do it earlier…
Considering that some of you might be parents of children who want to practice during this upcoming holiday season, I think you will find inspiration in the next MDMC lesson no. 45. 
The release date for it will be Sunday, December 16.
Keep an eye on the next newsletter.

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