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With 40 years of coaching tennis players from club level to professional ATP players, Tom has a very unique way of delivering his tennis lessons online in an “easy to digest “ format.
He holds a USPTA Professional Elite rating which is the highest you can get, graduated the Vic Braden Tennis College, appeared on the Tennis Channel many times.
There are many tennis drills that Tom gives you in his tennis courses that most people have never even seen before.
Check out Tom’s online tennis programs (below). His coaching and tennis training have been praised around the globe.

Consistency Secrets

Want the keys to getting better as you get older?

The Video Vault is a collection of cures of whatever ails your tennis game.
Based on Tom’s 40 years of coaching experience, he has distilled the essential strategies and tactics you can apply to almost any and every problem with your game. But The Video Vault isn’t a school or a game. It gives you a quick and easy way to see what’s blocking you from better performance and how to overcome those obstacles and frustrations.

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Consistent Tennis Wins

Learn The Tom Avery Method

This is a great introduction to Tom’s teaching methods and it’s designed by Tom for instant improvement.
This knowledge will help give you the power and ability to quickly fix mistakes when you’re in the middle of a match and need to change something to put you back on track.
The drills and techniques learned here can easily be implemented in your practice and will more importantly help you turn your matches into more what you really desire.
10 Video Series to Take Your Game to the Next Level
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Rock Solid Forehand

In today’s game the forehand is the go to shot.
It needs to be a reliable, powerful weapon in order to win points consistently.
The forehand is one of the most used shots in the game and you need to know how to use it properly.
If you’re looking for more reliability, power and spin with your forehand this course is for you.
Tom designed this Rock Solid Forehand Course to help you gain the confidence, power and control you need to make every forehand shot count.
Take your Forehand to a New Level of Consistency and Power
Coming Soon

Rock Solid Backhand

The Backhand can be one of the toughest shots to master.

Many players struggle with the one-hander and put tremendous effort into developing the shot but never achieve their goal. The answer to a better backhand may not be what you think.
One of the keys is a minor technique adjustment and learning to relax more with this shot. This course will help you develop an effortless one-handed backhand.
The two-handed backhand is also covered and you will be taught how to prevent mistakes and the key thing to focus on at the moment of contact.
The slice backhand and the backhand volley are also covered in this Rock Solid Backhand Course that will surely crank your backhand up a notch.
Take Your Backhand to a New Level of Consistency and Power
Coming Soon

Serve Domination

The serve is the single most important shot in tennis and if you can’t serve well, then you’re just handing points to your opponents.
In this Serve Domination Course Tom is going to give you the knowledge you need to practice and develop spin. You see, spin is the answer to not just a better serve percentage for first serves, but it is the critical component for a reliable second serve that is NOT a “sitting duck” for your opponent.
Tom will show you how to eliminate the “fear factor” and give you the secret to be able to develop a reliable weapon that you can count on – serve after serve.
Take your Serve to a New Level of Consistency and Power
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Stroke Production for Power & Control

In this course Tom is going to teach, train and drill into you, consistent tennis—the kind of tennis that wins games.
He’s taking his 35 years of fixing flubs and helping you to avoid the pitfalls of bad stroke production.
This builds on everything you have learned and fine-tunes everything into a harmony that will produce the kind of stroke and power that everyone envies.
You will wonder why you didn’t think of these things before, but the results will speak for themselves.
This course is divided into 10 Modules covering every stroke in the game
Coming Soon

Topspin & Slice Factor

Over the years Tom has found that many of his students did not really have a clear understanding of topspin and slice, i.e. what it is, how to get it, advantages and disadvantages and when to use them.
Through the Topspin & Slice Factor course you’ll be building a solid foundation for these very critical strokes.
Tom will guide you easily through every situation. Pick up and embrace these fundamentals, and you will excel over every opponent you meet.
There are 35 videos in this course covering every situation and detail
Coming Soon

Tenacious Tennis Fitness

Tom Avery says, “Besides working on your stroke technique, taking your fitness to a higher level is the next best thing you can do for your tennis game.” If you never run out of gas you will be a tough opponent.
This course is divided into 4 Video Modules: Strength & Power, Footwork Speed & Agility, Endurance, and Flexibility.
Follow the workouts and you’ll feel stronger, have improved shot execution, balance and control over the ball with less effort and minimise your chances of injury.
This course is divided into 4 Video Modules + 4 BONUS videos
Coming Soon

Tennis Nutrition Secrets

Probably one of the simplest fixes and most profound changes you can make for your Tennis game.
And for many people, it is simply a mystery and could be the best kept secret for a professional athlete. On the other hand, even if you are a recreational player and just want to keep playing into your 90’s, there is a secret here that should not be overlooked.
Tom is going to teach you how to gain more energy, how to recover faster from tough matches, and how to easily keep your training consistent for long-term results.
Tennis Nutrition Secrets will change your health and performance for the better
Coming Soon

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