3 Tennis Videos to Start Your Saturday


Got some free time and no ideas how to spend it? 
The following 3 videos can serve as an inspiration for your tennis:
Drive.Moon.Slice.Drop – is a ball machine tennis drill that we recommend for intermediate and advanced players. If no partner is around, grab your ball machine (or rent one from you tennis club) and practice this. You’ll get an excellent workout while improving your strokes consistency and variety.
Proper Spacing from the Ball – a mini-lesson for players and coaches who want to teach their students how to understand the proper point of contact for forehand, one-handed and two-handed backhand.
Potato Race – is one of the fun tennis drills that kids love to play. We recommend it especially for beginning players who will practice their ground-strokes in a friendly competitive race against their friends.

Drive. Moon. Slice. Drop

One of the best ball machine drills for intermediate-advance players.

Proper Spacing from the Ball

Tennis tips for finding and teaching the proper spacing from the ball.

Fun Tennis Drill for Kids

Show this tennis drill to your children. They will love it!

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