Three Twos

One of the best tactics in tennis is changing the pace and way the ball goes over the net. This can be distracting for the opponent who will have to deal with different speed and bounce of the ball.
For this drill there is a coach (or any player who can feed from a basket of balls) at the service line; the player begins at the baseline, opposite side.
The coach feeds balls, randomly and deep toward the player who will execute the following types of shots, in order:
– 2 aggressive drive shots (that travel about 2 feet over the net);
– 2 high topspin shots that are meant to push the opponent deep behind the baseline;
– 2 slice (under-spin) ground-strokes.
The player is challenged to hit these 6 strokes in a row, no mistake. If she does it successfully she gets a point for it.
Have the player aim to win at least 5 points of this kind.
To make it challenging every time the player fails to hit the 6 balls, she loses a point.

three twos

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