Tennis Technique Lessons

“People create their own success by learning what they need to learn and then by practicing it until they become proficient at it” – Brian Tracy

Video lessons: learn the main technical elements of the tennis strokes – each lesson is divided into 4 major parts: the preparation, contact, follow-through and drills to practice.

 Tennis Lesson: Forehand Ground-Stroke – Topspin (5 videos / 29 minutes)   New

drop_shot_lesson_wt24 Tennis Lesson: Drop Shot (5 videos / 12 minutes)

half_volley_lesson_wt24 Tennis Lesson: Half-Volley (5 videos / 14 minutes)

slice_forehand_lesson_wt24 Tennis Lesson: Slice Forehand (4 videos / 12 minutes)

slice_backhand_lesson_wt24 Tennis Lesson: Slice Backhand (5 videos / 14 minutes)

drive_volley_small Tennis Lesson: Drive Volley (5 videos / 15 minutes)

one_handed_backhand_groundstroke_small Tennis Lesson: One-Handed Backhand Ground-Stroke (5 videos / 14 minutes)

backhand_volley_lesson_small Tennis Lesson: Backhand Volley (5 videos / 17 minutes)

forehand_volley_lesson_small Tennis Lesson: Forehand Volley (5 videos / 18 minutes)

tennis_serve_lesson_technique Tennis Lesson: Flat Serve (5 videos / 19 minutes)

Ultimate Tennis Serve Small Tennis Lesson: Strategic Serve Practice (7 videos / 45 minutes)

grips simply explained Tennis Grips: Simply Explained (2 videos / 10 minutes)

two handed backhand lesson wt24 Tennis Lesson: Two-Handed Backhand Ground-Stroke (6 videos / 14 minutes)

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