Tennis Lesson Plans for Coaches

Tennis Lesson Plans for Coaches

In this section, you will discover tennis lesson plans for private and group classes.
Use them as a guide so that you and your students enjoy a valuable time on the court.
All lesson plans are structured to fit into a one-hour time frame.

Tennis Lesson Plans to Teach ONE Player
Court Coverage from Baseline *
Aggressiveness and Finesse
Transition from Baseline to the Net
Tactics Following Wide Serves
Groundstrokes and Serve – 1
Groundstrokes and Serve – 2
The Very First Lesson
Volley – Technique and Footwork
Groundstrokes, Return of Serve, Serve
Teaching the Overhead
Footwork / Placement / Conditioning

Tennis Lesson Plans to Teach TWO Players
All-Court Practice *
Competitive Games
Groundstrokes Accuracy, Competitive Play
Serve and Volley
Technique, Footwork, Competitive Play
Serve, Return, Groundstrokes Rally
Groundstrokes, Serve, Put-Away Shots
Groundstrokes, Volley, Transition to Net
Court Coverage, Volley, Passing Shot
Consistency and Placement Under Pressure
Court Coverage, Footwork, Drive Volley

Tennis Lesson Plans to Teach THREE Players
Playing at the Net
Overall Strokes Practice and Match Play
Doubles Tactics and Strategies
Serve, Groundstrokes, Competitive Play
Building Physical Strength and Stamina

Tennis Lesson Plans to Teach FOUR Players
Aggressive Play and Volley Control
15-Minute Doubles Match Warm-Up
Doubles Work-Out
Doubles Play: Tactics and Competition
Singles Play: Consistency and Tactics
Tactics to Set Up the Net Player

Tennis Lesson Plans to Teach LARGE GROUPS (5+ Players)
Cardio and Play – 1
Cardio and Play – 2
Serve, Return and Match Play
Volley Technique and Practice
Groundstrokes and Competitive Play
Doubles Strategies
Doubles Drills and Tactics
Singles Play and Work-Out
All-Around Game

Tennis Lesson Plans to Teach KIDS
Love Playing at the Net
The Serve – 1
The Serve – 2
Fun in the Sun
Groundstrokes / Games Play – 1
Groundstrokes / Games Play – 2
Athletic Skills and Fun

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