5-Day Tennis Camp Program

Daily Activities for Teaching Tennis to Beginning Players in a Camp Format

5 Days Tennis Camp Program for Teaching Kids

Camp Day 1

Camp Day 2

Camp Day 3

Camp Day 4

Camp Day 5

Class Time
– Each tennis class should last 3 hours.
– You, as a tennis coach, should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the lesson to have time to set up the court and prepare the balls.
– Be ready for your students 15 minutes before the beginning of the class.
– After the class you should make sure that each child is being picked up by either a parent or a relative.
No kids should be left unsupervised EVER.

Class Size and Format
– The maximum number of tennis students per instructor/coach should be no more than 6.
– Each tennis instructor should have the same kids throughout the week so they have time to bond and get to know them.
– Kids of similar ability and age should be grouped together.

Tips for Successful Interaction with Young Players
– Always demonstrate everything you teach – combine verbal with visual instruction.
– Be positive, friendly and enthusiastic – smile, encourage, praise and remind the tennis technical aspects in a friendly way.
– Learn each kid’s name – very important!
– DO NOT wear sunglasses when speaking with your tennis students – good connections are being made when kids are able to look into your eyes. If you must wear sunglasses make sure you take them off when you talk to the kids or explain anything to them.
– Feed from hand and the same side of the net. As they become better, you can move to the other side of the net and eventually feed with your tennis racquet.
– When you correct tennis strokes you should tell and show in the same time what to do.
– DO NOT talk too much. Your demonstration or instruction should be brief and in less than 20 seconds. Teach while you feed balls.
– Keep the class moving. Players should not have to wait in line for more than 1 minute without hitting a ball.
– Always tell the kids what to do instead of what they did wrong. Say “Keep your eyes on the ball!” instead of “You didn’t watch the ball!” – positive instruction always.
– Kids learn through repetition and do their best when encouraged in a positive way.

Tennis Class Rules for Kids
Rule #1: Have fun and try your best.
Rule #2: When in line you should not swing the racquet – no touching or swinging the racquet at another child. Players should “hug” their racquet when waiting in line. Show them how much space should be between them and the player in front – about an arm and racquet length.
Rule #3: Always listen when the coach talks. To avoid having to repeat the tennis drill or instruction, kids should not talk when the coach explains. (One trick to get everyone’s attention, especially if they get distracted or too noisy, is to call out the players to raise their hand if they can hear you; only after everyone’s hand is up you can give the instructions).
Rule #4: Do not leave the class to get drinks or talk to a parent or friend. Water breaks are give by the coach only and there should be no interaction with anybody else who is not part of the class.
Rule #5: You should never throw your tennis racquet on the ground when picking up balls or taking breaks. When picking up balls the racquet should be placed on the ground gently, put the balls on top of it then carry them to the basket.
Rule #6: Have fun and try your best! 🙂