Athletic Skills and Fun

Lesson Plan for Kids (age: 8 – 12)
Theme: Athletic Skills and Fun
Level: Beginning – Advanced (2 – 6 players/court)

This is a fun tennis lesson for kids all levels to build athletic skills, friendship, love for the game and have fun.

1. Warm-Up (10 minutes)
– slow jog, side shuffle, dynamic stretches, shadow tennis strokes etc.

2. Hand-Eye Coordination Skills (10 minutes)
Turn and Catch – pair players up and have them take turns who tosses and who catches
Toss-Catch-Shuffle – pair kids up
Bounce It – divide players into two teams

3. Quick Reaction and Dynamic Balance (12 minutes)
Quick Follow – spread the players out on the court so they have plenty of room to swing and not hurt the others (check their technique)
Red Light / Green Light
Mirror – pair players up and take turns for the leader role
Falling Towers – pair players up

4. Water Break (2 minutes)

5. Speed and Quick Change of Direction (12 minutes)
Potato Race – divide players into two teams as in tag play
Clean the Court – two teams
Five Balls Race – each player by themselves

6. Water Break (1 minutes)

7. Fun Competition and Footwork (10 minutes)
Jail Breaker
Closest Ball

8. Wrap-Up (3 minutes)
– pick up balls
– thank your students for coming and having fun
– give out little prizes (small candy, stickers etc. – kids love that!)
– briefly tell them about the upcoming classes and welcome them to the next lessons
– wave good-bye to parents and children thanking them one more time for taking the time to attend your class (don’t forget to smile and, if you wear sunglasses take them off when addressing your students and their parents).


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