Tennis Drills for Two Players

Tennis drills for 2 players

In this section you will discover tennis drills for coaching two players.
Practice strokes technique, footwork, accuracy and consistency.
You’ll also find drills for players to improve their singles and doubles skills specific to their needs and level of play.

Down-the-Line Finish *
Serve Control *
Six by Six *
Over Six
One Half / One Stroke
Angled Put-Away vs Chaser
Team Fifty
Five Losses
Slice and Topspin
Stuck on Return
Forehand Wide-Middle-Wide
Away and Back
Net Crunch
Two Bounce Game
Two Groundstrokes + One Volley
Plus / Minus vs Net
Two Minutes
The Lob Game – 2
Warm-Up Short Court
Human Target
Mini-Tennis Variations
Alternating Topspin and Slice
Move Up on Short Ball
Circle of Friends
Stroke Patterns – 1
Stroke Patterns – 2
Stroke Patterns – 3
Stroke Patterns – 4
Stroke Patterns – 5
Stroke Patterns – 6
Stroke Patterns – 7
Stroke Patterns – 8
Stroke Patterns – 9
Stroke Patterns – 10
Stroke Patterns – 11
Stroke Patterns – 12
Alley Rally
Plus 3 / Minus 3
Attack Two
Baseline vs Net
The Butterfly
Cross-Court Short Ball
Courage under Fire
Cross-Court Battle
Extreme Wide Rally
Four Corners Service Court
Half vs Full
High Volley Advantage
Lob It
Net Cord
Short Attack – 2
Short Court / Short Swing
Soft and Hard
Stretch Volley
Three for Air
Up and Back
Win and Hustle
Win Twice
You Lose / You Run
Your Serve / My Serve
Four Corners – full court
Volley Alley Rally
One or Nothing
Service Game
Serving in a Row
Macho Serve
Moving Up
Butterfly Volleys
Power Champ
Grip? Checked!
Approach and Put-Away
Break me if you can
Volley Lunge
Overhead In and Out
Serve and Volley Scramble
Groundstroke and Volley
Lob vs Overhead
Alley Trouble
Outside the Square
RDC – Romanian Davis Cup
Close Volley
Serve and Hit
Ultimate Consistency
Cross vs Down
Two Cross / One Down
Serve and Volley – 1
Touch Spot
Return and Put-Away
Come Back to Me
Serve and Volley – 2
The Lob Game
Half Cross Doubles
Half Court / Double Game
Volleys to Ground-Strokes
Touch and Win
One Way
Beyond Service Line
The X-Factor
Between the Lines
Smash, Retreat and Recover
Pattern Drill 1
Pattern Drill 2
Pattern Drill 3
Go on 10
Switch It – 1
Switch It – 2
Touch and Feel
Net Take-Over
Super Touch
Super Warm-Up / Cardio
Three + One
Cross Switch Drill
How Deep is Your Shot
Bring It on Two
Net War
You Lose. You Run
Pure Accuracy
Passing the Line
Drop and Lob
300 Balls
The Shortest Player
Hustle and Accuracy
Match the Fast Serve
Serve In / Return In
15+ Serves
Only Forehands
Cardio for Two
Waiting Game
No Bounce Returning
Battle of Racquets
Short Attack – 2
100 – 2
Lob Return
Tough on Me
Find the Right Path
Turtle Rallies
Fancy the Warm-up

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