What Does it Take to Win in Tennis

I  just finished watching an excellent movie, “Ender’s Game”… It made me “jump” on my keyboard and write these thoughts:

Tennis is a sport which gives us pleasure in two ways: competing in it, or… the feeling of working out/hitting the ball.

If you are in this sport to compete, then: you need to learn how to win!

Many tennis coaches and players spend hundreds of hours perfecting the stokes technique. While that is very important I do not think it should be over-emphasized.

For me, the priorities in tennis are:
1. Technique
2. Movement
3. Tactics/Strategies

In this movie I mentioned above, there is a character who is not the best fighter or the smartest among his peers – he is just the best at understanding how to defeat his enemies. He knows what it takes to win and he makes sure he gets it done.

Tennis players often spend too much time perfecting the technique. It should be done according to the tactics that one has to apply against certain opponents.

That’s because, for example, the forehand is not always the same when hit from different parts of the court or rally situations (stretched, close to the net, defending from behind the baseline, off balance etc.).

It is more important that you study the court geometry, strokes options (placement and spin) AND begin to pay attention to your opponents’ weaknesses from the beginning of any match.

Those are the skills that will allow you to enjoy the sport even more and win more tennis matches.

I’ve spent a great deal of time providing you with my best knowledge in the area of winning in tennis so you can too understand and enjoy it at the higher level.

Whether you play singles or doubles, there is a wealth of information on how to beat the pushers, the serve-and-volley players, how to deal with the wind (in singles) or how to win using the one-up-one-back formation, how to position yourself on the court for the best results, how to use the I-formation (in doubles) and so much more.

Also learn the court geometry (positioning so that you use less effort and get the best out of your shots) and strokes tactics (how, where and why you should place your serve, ground-strokes, volleys etc.).

All you have to do is visit these pages (membership access is required) regularly; you will find winning tennis matches easier:

SINGLES TACTICS (learn how to beat the pusher, serve-and-volley player, all court player etc.)

DOUBLES TACTICS (make the best of your doubles matches when playing any type of formations)

Have fun winning!

Cosmin Miholca