6 Ways to Add more Power to Your Serve

We all need more power on our serves, don’t we?
While the internet is abundant in videos that show us how to hit “killer” serves or add “15 extra miles per hour” to it, I’ll simply give you a check list of what you should consider to do in order to improve the serve. Then you’ll go on the court to practice it…
By the way, there is no magic formula to improving anything other than lots of practice.

1. A fast serve is a combination of proper technique, timing and body flexibility.
2. Use your legs to add power (bend them during the toss then spring into the shot).
3. The toss should be further in front and not too high; a high toss will create friction on the downfall against your racquet resulting in more spin and less power.
4. Tossing arm should stay up longer (provides body balance).
5. Grip – must be Continental (allows for more wrist action) and relaxed.
6. Loose strings – the lower the tension on your strings the more of a “trampoline” effect you get resulting in added pace to your serve.

Have fun on the tennis court!

Cosmin Miholca

The Body Serve is the Best – here’s why!

I just finished shooting the videos for the “Strategic Serve Practice” and as I was presenting the best possible serve strategies I came to the conclusion that, if one wants to begin the point right, she/he must consider practicing, improving and using the body serve.

The body serve is the one which the server aims directly at her opponent.

I do not mean you shouldn’t go for the returner’s weak side (if she clearly has one) but in case there is not a significant one, the body serve has many advantages:

– if hit with a decent pace the body serve can jam the returner and the result can be a floating return in the middle of the court (which the server can attack)
(Serve Tennis Tactics)

– a body serve does not allow the returner to create angles (as opposed to a wide serve which gives the opponent many options to play with)

– it forces the returner to hit the ball while moving away from it (blocking or pushing the ball) – most of the players practice hitting balls while moving to and not away from them

– the body serve is great for serve-and-volley players because the return is most of the time weak due to the before mentioned reasons.

Cosmin Miholca