Lessons and Tips to Improve the Serve Return

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In order to improve the return of serve, there are certain aspects that a tennis player should consider:

the kind of grips to wait for the serve with: eastern, semi-western (forehand grips), continental/hammer, or backhand grip; either one has a role according to the player’s strengths;
court position for the first and second serves;
– the best footwork to return the serve;
– the technique (to control a fast incoming ball);

– what type of serve the player usually has problems with: flat and fast, kick, or slice?

The serve return, even though a player has less time to react to it, can be trained and improved at any level.

Players must learn the proper grips, footwork, how to read the opponent’s serve, and where to tactically place the return.

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Enjoy playing your best tennis!

Cosmin Miholca

Cosmin Miholca

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