How To Watch a Tennis Match

how to watch a tennis match“How to watch a tennis match??? What do you mean by that?”
I mean: do you learn anything from watching a tennis match?

Yes, watching a tennis match can be a great lesson if you actively analyse what happens on the court and, above all, ask yourself questions…
Do we take something out of this experience or are we simple spectators going through the emotions of winning or losing a tennis match?
Is watching tennis a learning experience for you?
If the answer is NO, then I would like to suggest that you keep the following list next to you while watching the next tennis match…

It is important, for your improvement, to ask yourself questions. Questions will provide you with valuable answers. These answers will help you understand tennis and where you want to get as a player.

So pick your favorite player and follow him/her asking yourself the following questions:
– Where is he aiming the first serve: opponent’s forehand, backhand or middle?
– Where is he hitting the second serve to? What spin is he using?
– Where is he aiming his returns of serve?
– Where are most of his ground-strokes aimed at? Is he going mostly to a certain side (opponent’s weakness, cross-court)?
– How early is he preparing for the ball (early preparation or not)?
– Where is he standing to receive first serve? What about second serve?
– Where is he placing/aiming the approach shot?
– During the rally, how is his court coverage – covering cross-court quickly from the baseline?
– At key points (15-30, 30-15, 40-30, 30-40, AD in, Ad out), where is he serving to? And what kind of spin is he using?
– How does he play key (pressure) points?
– Where is he aiming the defensive shots?
– At change-over – what does he eat and drink? How much?
– How is his body language after a point he just lost? What about after a winner?
– How far back is he taking the racquet when returning serve (notice the short back-swing)?
And the list can go on and on. Feel free to add your own question/s…

If you have not watched a tennis match asking questions, then do it now. You will be amazed of how exciting the experience can be and what a valuable information you will get from it!


Cosmin Miholca