Best Tennis Drills & Games from WebTennis24

coach tennis drillsIn a recent email, I was asked what kind of tennis drills or games I prefer to apply in my classes…

Even though over the years I’ve posted over 1,000 tennis drills and games at, just a handful are my favorite which I use consistently in my lessons. That does not mean the other ones are not that great – they are all good drills but it just happens that I connect and enjoy doing some of them (or I can’t remember them all 🙂

So here are the best coach tennis drills and games that I have noticed players enjoy and I apply them in most of my lessons:

Most popular drills/games for Kids:
1. Jail Breaker – friendly competition for groups (practice ground-strokes; catch / hand-eye coordination)
2. Clean the Court – speed; conditioning
3. Potato Race – team race; speed; dynamic balance; racquet and ball control.
4. High Five – fun way to introduce kids playing at the net; introductory volley skills.
5. Dodge Ball – kids love this game: teaches them quick feet, reaction, dynamic balance.
6. Royal Court – I use it mostly as a warm-up: hand-eye coordination, ball tracking, movement.
7. Caterpillar – loved by kids; lateral movement; ball tracking.
8. Popcorn – hand-eye coordination; fun.
9. Bounce It! – racquet and ball control; competitive game for beginning players.
10. O-U-T – teaches kids consistent serving under pressure; fun competitive game.
11. My Invisible Opponent – great game to teach beginning players how to keep score while practicing their serve.
12. Cat and Mouse – loved game by kids: speed, quick change of direction, dynamic balance.

Most popular drills/games for Singles players:
1. Three for Air – aggressive play; moving up to the net to win more points.
2. 100 – great game for ground-strokes consistency.
3. In and Out – competitive game for 3+ players.
4. 90 Seconds – rally competition; good conditioning play.
5. Ping-Pong Tennis – team work; ground-strokes consistency.
6. Around the World – I usually do it at the end of a large group class: conditioning; ground-strokes consistency; fun.
7. Court Defender – one of the best games for large groups.
8. Cross Fire – competitive game for large groups.
9. Wipe Out – fun game for large groups; one vs. many.
10. Kings/Queens vs. Challengers – kids love this game: individual competitiveness.

Most popular drills/games for Doubles players:
1. Three for Three – transition to the net; net play; defending from baseline (players’ favorite).
2. Reflex Volleys – great net play game; quick reaction and volley control.
3. Three for Air – aggressive play; transition to the net; competitive game.
4. Win at the Net – loved by players: playing/winning at the net; teamwork.
5. Two Minutes – pressure play; net vs. baseline; conditioning for doubles.
6. One-Up-One-Back – classic doubles formation competitive game.
7. Battle of Racquets – teamwork; court coverage for doubles.
8. Olympics – net vs. baseline game for large groups.
9. Doubles Defense – teamwork and communication.
10. Lob Over Net Player – tactical and court positioning drill/game.
11. Moving Up and Down – role of players in doubles; court coverage and competitive play.

The above drills/games are just some of my students’ favorite but there are so many more that you might love. Check them all out at

Have fun!

Cosmin Miholca
Founder, WebTennis24