Get Low, Stay Low

Your tennis teaching pro keeps telling you to bend your knees. And you should! But why exactly?

First of all… think about the difference between a race car and an SUV… Assuming that both will drive at the same high speed as they approach a sudden turn, which is going to tip over? Obviously the SUV which is higher off the ground.
So by staying low, you will benefit by having a better balance due to the lower center of gravity.

Secondly… you are going to be closer to the ball; your eyes are near the path of the ball which will help you make cleaner contact with it.
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You will generate more power because the bent knees put the body in a better position to provide hips – trunk – shoulder rotation.

Staying low allows for a quicker recovery since you can push off the ground and spring in the direction of the next ball.


Cosmin Miholca