Practice Ad Court Serves More Often. And here’s why…

Like most of the people, you probably prefer to begin your serve practice from the right (deuce) side. After all, this is where the game starts from… right?

For many years I did this in my own serve practice sessions and when I was working with my private tennis clients too.

But not anymore!

You will discover that it is important to spend more quality time and develop a good serve from the ad court for the following strong reason:

Most of the pressure points are played serving from the ad court: 15-30, 30-15, 30-40, 40-30, 0-40, ad-in, ad-out…
You must have a reliable serve when you have to execute this shot at these scores.

Make your life easy and master the serve to the ad side. You will be getting a good head start and be in control of the point especially when pressure is on.
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Cosmin Miholca