Tennis Competition | How to Enjoy It

tennis competition mental tipsOne of my students just asked me: “Cosmin, I have a big fear of losing – especially I hate playing lower level players because they are the last ones I want to lose to!”

Before I became a coach, I was a player myself. And I hated to lose too… And because of that I did not enjoy competing in tennis; even when I was winning!!!
(Mental Tennis Lessons)

It took me a few years to understand what was happening:

The reason we do not enjoy the competition is because we all hate to LOSE!
Thinking about losing is a negative thought. When we go into a match focusing on the negative, we attract negative actions upon us!

As a coach, I have played many practice matches with my advanced students – and I enjoyed every minute of that. My mentality was that if they were to beat me I would be happy for them (after all, they are my students!); if I was to win, that would be a learning experience for them. Either way, I was playing in a relaxed mode and as a result… I have really enjoyed my tennis lately!

The morale of this article is that every player should go into a match thinking that either outcome is a great learning experience: win or lose – we learn; we progress; we discover new areas to better ourselves…

So have fun playing tennis! You will live longer and be happier! 🙂


Cosmin Miholca