How to finish the point behind a short ball (technique and drills)

Do you struggle to put the ball away after you set yourself up for a short one?

Let’s say that you stretch your opponent with an aggressive serve or ground-stroke and their reply is a blocked shot that lands inside your service court… It’s a sitter – a ball waiting for you to step into and hit it aggressively, to finish the point with or produce another weak reply from your opponent.

But you don’t have the understanding or the technique to execute a short ball put-away…

Not to worry anymore!

Below, you’ll find a link to a 9 minute video showing you how to execute a short ball put-away shot and 3 drills that you can apply if you have a tennis partner willing to help you practice it.

short ball put-away - technique and drills

This (free) video is a small part of the 1 hour lesson I recently had with my two daughters (9 and 8 years old) – we practiced the ground-strokes, serves and attacking the short ball; as well as some new footwork and speed drills.

I have taught my daughters the two secrets that I have always used when putting the ball away (from any part of the court).

Now, you too can know them if you’ll watch this 9 minute (free) video:
Teaching the “Short Ball Put-Away” Shot – technique and drills

Enjoy it!

Cosmin Miholca

Which Player Should Serve First in Doubles?

One of the first questions that your partner will ask you at the beginning of a doubles match is: “Do you wanna serve… or shall I…?”
Most of the time players just mumble something until one of them says: “Ok, you serve first!”

But really, this is a situation that should be treated seriously if you care to compete well in doubles.

I’d say that the stronger server between the two of you should serve first. In this way, if your team wins the game, that puts you in the lead and takes some of the pressure off.
On the other side, if both of you have decent serves, then you would pay a compliment to your partner by letting him/her serve first. That shows you have trust in him/her and helps in building your team’s confidence.

Cosmin Miholca
Certified Tennis Professional