How to Prevent Getting… Lobbed

As I was teaching a doubles class, to my surprise, one of the ladies kept backing away from the service court and retreating to the baseline. 
I insisted that she should come up to the net until she just told me that she did not want to play at the net.
My reply was: “If you don’t come up you won’t win in doubles!”.
Her reply: “If I come up, they will lob me!”
I said: “So what? You’ll smash it!”
She said: “I am not good at tracking balls that are high…”

Ok then, I thought… she has two options: 
1. Work on her overheads (especially moving and tracking the high ball)
2. Learn the approach shots that impede opponents from hitting high balls.

I related to this lady through the fact that I also had a problem with lobs. Judging the ball speed while looking up has been an old problem of mine.
This gave me the idea to improve my slice approach shots so that they stay very low over the net and after the bounce which makes it hard for opponents to get the racquet under the ball and lob it. 

Quick Fix / Tip: 
If you don’t like getting lobbed when moving up to the net, hit your approach shots with slice / under-spin.

Have fun on the tennis court!

Cosmin Miholca