SINGLES PLAY Tennis Drills

“You lose some, you win some. Nothing wrong with that at all” – Stefan Edberg
In this section you’ll find singles tennis drills to improve your one-on-one rally consistency, accuracy, and strategic practice to help you win more tennis matches.

rally tennis game - team 50
Team Fifty
(1 video / 5 minutes)

singles tennis drills - twenty-one five
Twenty-One / Five
(1 video / 6 minutes)

video tennis drill for singles play - cross fire
(1 video / 4 minutes)

video tennis game for singles play - you versus basket
You vs. Basket 
(1 video / 3 minutes)

video tennis drill for singles play - lob game
Lob Game 
(1 video / 4 minutes)

tennis game for singles players - fifty
(1 video / 9 minutes)

tennis drill for singles players - one ground one air
One Ground / One Air 
(1 video / 2 minutes)

video tennis drill - one of the best warm-up drills
One of the Best Warm-Up Drills
(1 video / 3 minutes)

singles play tennis drill - two minutes
Two Minutes 
(1 video / 6 minutes)

singles tennis game - close in 2
Close In (2) 
(1 video / 2 minutes)

singles tennis game - how deep is your shot
How Deep Is Your Shot 
(1 video / 3 minutes)

single tennis game - inside only
Inside Only 
(1 video / 4 minutes)

Touch and Power Game 
(1 video / 3 minutes)

Close in (1) 
(1 video / 1 minute)

Alley Rally Drill 
(1 video / 2 minutes)

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