Quick Tennis Fixes

“Correction does much, but encouragement does more” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

 How to Shorten Ground-Stroke Backswing (1 video / 4 minutes)   New

 How to Keep Head Down through Contact (1 video / 2 minutes)

serve_how_to_correct_the_racquet_back_drop_small Serve: How to Correct the Racquet Back-Drop (1 video / 6 minutes)*

quick_fix_serve_toss_inconsistent_wt24 Inconsistent Serve Toss (1 video / 2 minutes)

quick_fix_open_racquet_on_serve_backswing_wt24 Open Racquet on Serve Backswing (1 video / 2 minutes)

grip_change_during_serve_swing_wt24 Grip Change during Serve Swing (1 video / 2 minutes)

ball_under_arm_small Trick for Better Volley Footwork (1 video / 2 minutes)

quick_fix_more_power_on_slice_backhand Adding more Power to Slice Backhand (1 video / 2 minutes)

QF_forehand_into_net_small I’m hitting too many forehands into the net! (1 video / 3 minutes)

QF_forehand_too_long_small My forehand ground-strokes land too deep, beyond the baseline! (1 video / 2 minutes)

QF_onehanded_bachand_too_deep_small One handed backhand – hitting too deep (and flat) (1 video / 5 minutes)

QF_first_serve_into_net_small My first serves go into the net often! (1 video / 3 minutes)

QF_forehand_volley_into_net_small My forehand volleys go into the net often… (1 video / 5 minutes)

QF_overhead_into_net_small I hit my overheads into the net often! (1 video / 2 minutes)

QF_overhead_too_deep_small My overheads are landing too long! (1 video / 2 minutes)

QF_overhead_lack_power_small I cannot generate power on my overheads! (1 video / 2 minutes)

quick fix first serves land deep My first serves land too deep (1 video / 3 minutes)

quick fix forehand volley too long WT24 Forehand volleys land too deep (1 video / 3 minutes)

slice groundstrokes float too high Slice groundstrokes float too high over the net (1 video / 2 minutes)

quick fix power volley small My volleys are weak! (1 video / 2 minutes)

quick fix downtheline Controlling Down the Line Groundstrokes (1 video / 2 minutes)

quick fix hitting off center Contact with the ball is off center (hitting close to the frame often)! (1 video / 2 minutes)

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