footwork and speed tennis drill

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Here’s what we have for you this time:

1. Together-Out / Together-In (video) – ready for a new footwork and speed drill to strengthen your legs and make you faster on the court? 
2. Mastering the Kick (singles tactics drill) – you see the pros using the kick serve often; how should you play it? Find out while practicing this new drill for two players.
3. Servers vs. Returners (drill for large group) – coaches will be pleased to know that they have another drill to apply with intermediate and advanced players; practice serve and return of serve in a competitive atmosphere. 
4. Live Chat… Ok, for this one I have to admit that I’ve been missing the live interaction with WebTennis24 subscribers and visitors. I insisted to put the live chat back on so I can get in touch with you and help with your tennis. 
All you need to do is click on this link or visit WebTennis24; if you see my handsome face in the lower right corner click on it and chat with me live. I’ll be there answering any of your questions related to the website or just personal tennis stuff.

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