february tennis 2019 - newsletterFor this week, we’ve prepared a new video and two drills for you. Here they are:

1. How to Avoid Hitting the Forehand into the Net (video) – discover the four reasons you hit the ball into the net on your ground-strokes (forehand in this case) and how to avoid them. The result will be longer rallies and more matches for you to win.

2. Broken Wall (drill for three players) – this drill will give 3 players a good work-out while practicing ground-strokes and volleys consistency. Recommended for intermediate and advanced level players.

3. Ultimate Tie-Break (mental strength drill) – practicing under pressure is something that every competitive player should do in order to prepare for tough tournaments. Use this drill and many other that you can find in the “Mental Strength Drills” section to learn how to win points easier and play your best under stress.

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Enjoy playing your best tennis.

Cosmin Miholca

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