new tennis game for kids - jail breaker

Things are happening at WebTennis24 because we want to bring you fresh new tennis content every week.
In case you missed our recent updates, here’s what we did for you:

1. New videos and drills:
Jail Break (video) – one of the most popular drill for beginning players just got a makeover; now it can be played by intermediate and advanced players to improve ground-strokes consistency and placement.
– Down-the-Line Finish (drill for two players) – consistency and placement for two serious tennis players who want to dominate the ground-strokes rally and put away shots when opportunity allows.
Hit-Run-Finish (basket drill) – coaches will find this drill excellent for teaching 2 – 6 players; practice ground-strokes, court transition, speed and put-away shots.
Wipeout: Net vs. Baseline (drill for large groups) – a competitive game for 4 – 8 players who will enjoy a volley vs ground-stroke friendly competition.

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Cosmin Miholca
founder, WebTennis24

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