Mental Tennis Tips

videos and articles about mental tennisThe internet and tennis books are abundant in teaching people how to play tennis… mechanically.
But hitting a tennis ball is one thing; truly understanding the emotions that stand behind executing a tennis stroke under pressure is what makes the difference between being a tennis player and a… good tennis player.
Visualizing the stroke and ultimately believing in your capacity of executing it are aspects of your tennis development that you must study in order to be playing at your full potential.
The difference between the top 10 players (in any field) and the rest does not rely on being athletically gifted but in having a certain understanding of what it takes to be playing at their highest level.
In this series, we will take each tennis stroke and dissect the mental aspect of it: how should you visualize it and how can you be confident that you will successfully execute it even under the highest pressure you will be exposed to.
This series will help you see tennis in a totally new light. You’ll understand why you miss and how you can be more consistent with your shots – only by adjusting your tennis mentality.