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tennis practice drills and games for two players

“Ultimate Tennis Practice for 2 Players” Ebook
From warm-up drills to mental strength this ebook offers the perfect practice sequence to prepare tennis players for competitions.
– 5 drills for warm-up
– 7 drills for consistency and accuracy at the net and baseline
– 5 rally games for consistency, accuracy and mental strength
– 5 match play games for competitive pressure
– 3 footwork and conditioning drills
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tennis drills and games for three players ebook

“Ultimate Tennis Practice for 3 Players” Ebook
Got an extra player? Awesome! This ebook features drills and games that three players would enjoy. Practice singles and doubles specific skills, play friendly competitions:
– 2 drills for warm-up
– 5 drills for placement and consistency at the net and baseline
– 7 competitive games to develop singles and doubles skills.
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tennis drills and games for four players ebook

“Ultimate Tennis Practice for 4 Players” Ebook
Coaches love this book – full of drills and games for both singles and doubles play: tactics, strategies, rally consistency, friendly competitions.
It is divided in two parts:
Part 1 – Ultimate Doubles Practice for Four Players:
– 6 drills for warm-up
– 4 drills for serve, return, court transition, net play
– 6 competitive doubles games
Part 2 – Ultimate Singles Practice for Four Players:
– 5 drills for warm-up
– 6 competitive singles drills and games
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15 quick tennis fixes ebook

“15 (Quick) Fixes to Improve Your Tennis” Ebook
Smart and quick solutions for players’ technical problems: improve your forehand, backhand, volley, serve and footwork.
How to fix: “waiter’s serve”, open racquet face on the forehand groundstroke backswing, serving with a forehand grip (pancake serve), inconsistent serve, weak return of serve, late volley contact, lack of half-volley control, weak topspin, weak backhand groundstroke, inconsistent one-handed backhand, off center contact, and more…
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tennis lesson plans for teaching the main strokes to beginning players

“10 Lesson Plans for Teaching Beginning Tennis Players” Ebook
A creative step-by-step plan for teaching tennis to beginning players (kids and adults) – teach technique, footwork and how to play tennis following easy lesson plans.
– technique: grips, forehand and backhand groundstrokes, serve, forehand and backhand volley, overhead, footwork
– how to rally
– how to play a tennis set/match
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tennis drills and games for doubles players ebook

“29 Best Drills and Games for Doubles Players” Ebook
This book contains some of the best tennis drills and games to learn, teach or practice court positioning, tactics and strategic situations for doubles teams.
Players improve:
– movement and team work
– confidence playing at the net
– transition from baseline to the net
– court positioning and poaching
– competitive attitude
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tennis tips for singles and doubles players

“101 Tips for Your Best Tennis” Ebook
Our most comprehensive tennis book will show you 101 tips to improve your technique, footwork, consistency, tactical and mental game. Be ready for the next level in tennis.
Do you have any technical issues you cannot find the answer to? This ebook will show you visual demonstrations how to fix your groundstrokes, serve, volley consistency and even add more power.
You’ll find tips and tricks to prepare you for competitive play (singles and doubles), and understand the mental side of tennis.
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