Walking on Thin Ice

The coach (F) is just inside the service line having a basket of balls ready to feed from. On the other side, the player (A) waits at the baseline.
There are cones, on the same side with the coach, placed inside the no-man’s land (between service line and baseline) as targets (see figure below).
The coach begins by feeding balls only to player’s forehand side.
The player will attempt to hit 5 balls in a row to the cross-court targets, first. Once he does that successfully he’ll receive a point (15 – 0) then move on to the down-the-line targets (again… going for a 5 ball-in-a-row consistency). Next point he wins would be 30 – 0, then 40 – 0… until a game is won.
But if the player misses (hits the net or out) in his attempt of 5 consecutive shots to the respective target, the player loses a point (0 – 15).
Repeat this, next, on the backhand side too.
Note: This drill can be used as a mental strength exercise: it teaches the player to be consistent and accurate under pressure.
Recommended for intermediate and advanced players.

walking on thin ice free tennis drill

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